Ninja Van Philippines celebrates five years of excellence

As more Filipinos choose to shop online for safety and convenience, Ninja Van Philippines continues to set forth innovative logistics solutions to empower MSMEs in the country.

Manila, Philippines (29 September 2021) – One of the leading courier and logistics companies in the Philippines and Southeast Asia today is Ninja Van, which first operated in the country in 2016. As they celebrate their fifth anniversary, Ninja Van Philippines’ key management personnel shared their milestones achieved, newest services, and their role in empowering MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise), especially amidst the pandemic.

With almost 100% nationwide coverage and around 7,000 estimated riders and drivers, customers can ship and receive parcels anywhere in the country with Ninja Van Philippines. Due to the rise in popularity of e-commerce in the Philippines, Ninja Van Philippines has seen a 150% growth in parcel volumes in the past 12 months, and is processing billions of pesos of Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payments monthly.

Celebrating Ninja Van Philippines’ Journey from the Ground Up

Martin Cu, Country Head of Ninja Van Philippines, recalled the beginnings of their journey that started out in their first office-slash-warehouse in Taguig, which is actually a condominium unit. Now, they have over 300 hubs, stores and stations warehouses to their name, with the biggest one having a total area equivalent to 17 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

Their growth over the last five years has been fast-paced, reaching 1 million total deliveries in 2018 and launching Ninja Direct, their dropshipping service, the following year.  Even when the pandemic hit the country in 2020, Ninja Van Philippines remains steadfast in providing the best service to its customers. 

With so many logistics providers in the market to choose from, Ninja Van Philippines stands out by maintaining excellence in its overall operations. According to their Chief Operating Officer Vin Perez, they do this by strengthening their core delivery business, focusing on delivery speed, and developing more value-added services.

As a way to elevate customer experience and better cater to their needs, Ninja Van Philippines launched new services such as the COD Advance, Ninja Direct, and Ninja Point. These are also intended to make digital adoption and the shift to e-commerce easier for their customers, especially MSME owners.

“As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we want to highlight our initiatives to support MSMEs through the years, even before the pandemic hit our country. We invest heavily in providing them services and tools such as COD Advance and Ninja Direct, and our Ninja Blog and Ninja Masterclass to make the e-commerce process easier for them,” said Sabina Lopez-Vergara, Chief Commercial Officer of Ninja Van Philippines.

Together with the Ninja Blog, they also launched community learning sessions, such as Ninja Masterclass, and online bazaars to help online sellers shape and improve their brand to increase their sales.

Ninja Van Philippines: Beyond 5 Years

Moving forward, Ninja Van Philippines is focused on achieving 100% coverage nationwide, more value-added services for MSMEs, and fantastic service recovery. With the funds that Ninja Van has successfully secured in a Series E funding round, Ninja Van Philippines is also looking to increase automation in their processes to improve operations quality and deliver only the best for their customers.

This latest round of funding involves participation from both existing and new investors. The funds from this round of investment amounting to USD578 million will be allocated towards Ninja Van’s infrastructure and technology systems as well as its suite of micro-supply chain solutions to help Southeast Asian businesses optimise e-commerce opportunities. 

“These additional funds will definitely boost our efforts in optimising Ninja Van Philippines’ operations through automation, including the addition of a state-of-the-art conveyor belt in our Cabuyao sorting facility that aims to reduce our costs and increase our processing speed. These will also help in strengthening our value-added services such as Ninja Direct and Ninja Point,” said Cu.

With the celebration of Ninja Van Philippines’ 5th anniversary, they are committed to provide more logistics solutions and excellent customer service to Filipinos in the years to come.

Published on 29 Sep 2021
Tags: Filipina

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