Ninja Xpress accelerates pace of SME economic recovery with Ninja Xpress seller booster service

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 – Ninja Xpress introduces the Ninja Xpress Seller Booster service to assist SMEs with every stage of their growth. This value-added service is an integrated service consisting of Capital Loan, Creative Business Solutions, Ninja Direct, and Fulfillment that helps procure raw materials, marketing to distributing so that SMEs can focus on developing their businesses. 

Ninja Xpress understands that SMEs are already facing difficulties in running their businesses, which takes up a lot of their time, energy and costs. Through Seller Booster, Ninja Xpress wants to deliver SME business success from start to finish for their sellers. 

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO Ninja Xpress said, “As we tide over the pandemic, SMEs now face a decelerating global economic growth and inflation, hence requiring boosters to accelerate the pace of their business recovery. Ninja Xpress wants to be there to support the SMEs in this difficult time. Apart from hassle-free deliveries, we facilitate their business processes from start to finish through capital, raw material provision, marketing, to distribution of goods.” 

Capital and raw materials are two main problems often faced by SMEs .To address the former problem, Ninja Xpress works with various financial institutions such as Akseleran, Jenius, and Pinjam Modal to help SMEs get up to 2 billion rupiah in additional capital. On Procurement of quality goods and raw materials, Ninja Xpress applies Ninja Direct, a service that provides quality raw materials at economical prices from abroad for SMEs to gain access to products at competitive prices on the market. Ninja Direct provides a one-stop service for raw material procurement that is easy, profitable, and safe with a choice of flexible schemes and systems tailored to the shipper’s needs. 

To expand the market potential of SME products, Creative Hub by Ninja Xpress provides marketing support in the form of professional photo and video taking, online and offline advertising, mega influencers, Kolaborasi Lokal Punya (Local Collaboration) or KLOP, masterclasses, social media management, website development, and event hosting. 

Then, in order to grow the business, Ninja Fulfillment can free SMEs from operational tasks because it helps from picking up goods, inventory management, to packing. Fulfillment greatly saves SMEs time in managing stock and overcoming the shopping season where there are often large and quick purchases. 

Ninja Xpress is ready to help deliver packages easily through direct pickup to the location by registering at Various services from regular, same-day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculation and disbursement two times a week are ready to help Micro, Small, and Medium-scale businesses deliver packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 22 Sep 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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