Ninja Xpress Shares Tips on Safe Online Shopping

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 26 DECEMBER 2022– Online scams in the virtual world are still occurring even though there has been a lot of information and warnings spreading on the internet. There are various motives for online scams following technological developments and current events or trends. Online scams target internet users who perform activities online,
including banking transactions, social media browsing, shopping, or even Googling.

Online scams usually aim to get something from the victim, which could be in the form of data, money, or goods. As we do more and more year-end shopping online, Ninja Xpress develops six tips to help educate shoppers to avoid scams.

1. Make sure the store has a good rating
Before shopping, make sure you check the store’s performance by viewing the ratings and reading buyer reviews. You must also be extra careful since brushing practices are in abundance. Brushing is falsifying store performance, including the number of orders, ratings, number of followers, and so on, to gain trust from new buyers. Filter for reviews with buyer photos to reduce the possibility of encountering brushing instances.

2. Beware of promising offers with extremely low prices
You should be aware if you come to any promising offers with extremely low prices. Offers can be in the form of goods that are too cheap, unreasonable discounts, free products, and other illogical additional services. Sometimes, scammers lure their victims with fantastic prizes such as gold, cars, and other valuables with a limited time so that victims will feel regret if they lose their chance to buy. Exercise rationality. If it is too good to be true, it most likely is not.

3. Make sure you understand how to make a refund or return the goods
Read the terms and conditions on seeking refund and returning goods in anticipation of the need to do so in case the items received are not as ordered or damaged. Ask the seller if there is anything you do not understand.

4. Beware of anyone asking for personal data
If someone asks for an OTP code, PIN, and user login either directly or through a certain link, do not do so. There is no reason for anyone to ask for personal data at such a granular level. The website link could also be fake and once you enter your personal data, someone will take over your account access.

5. Beware of items sent to your address
If you have a purchase transaction or receive a gift, check the sender’s information and the item. Does it match the party with which you made the transaction? Is the information on the item purchased or gifted as expected? Make sure you can contact the sender if there is a discrepancy because the delivery service does not know the contents of the

6. Beware of people claiming to be from certain institutions or companies
Scammers can claim to be from banks, e-commerce, shipping services, and fintech – services used by the target Sometimes scammers can even claim to be acquaintances or family of the target either via SMS, WhatsApp, or social media messages.

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress, said: “We hope the public can be more aware of their online shopping activities. With more people going online, there will be even more opportunities for scams. With this education effort, Ninja Xpress hopes to reduce the number of online shopping scam victims.”

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Published on 26 Dec 2022
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