Ninja Van Thailand debuts Ninja Van Biz, a mobile application, enhancing the hassle-free experience for its customers

Worry-free and hassle-free within one application

Bangkok, Thailand – 18 August 2022: Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, launches Ninja Van Biz, a user-friendly mobile application that offers greater convenience while reaffirming its commitment to provide worry and hassle-free delivery experience for its customers. 

Key features of the new mobile app include real-time tracking of cash on delivery (COD) payment which shippers can receive within 1-2 business days, with a real time collecting amount available to check on the application, delivery first pay later option where payment will only be collected after completion of the parcel delivery and a 20% discount when shipping parcels via Ninja Van Biz application and/or drop off at any Ninja Points. 

Not only that, but shippers can also make use of the app for order creation and management, air waybill printing, parcel delivery status or cash on delivery status tracking, Ninja Point update, or contact call center. Additionally, Ninja Van Biz is able to memorised shoppers’ details without having to fill in the information on every order. 

According to Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, “Our main focus this year is cementing relationships with our shoppers as well as strengthening business alliances with shippers. Ninja Van Biz has been developed to cater to the users in Thailand and provide a hassle-free experience to shippers with faster, more convenient, and easily accessible services. We expect the application to boost the use of our services and we will continue to nurture an ecosystem that provides value-added services and tools to ensure a seamless experience for our shippers and shoppers. We are confident of a positive response based on our care, concern and commitment to our customers. We plan to continue to develop additional features for the applicationIn addition to launching Ninja Van Biz, we are also expanding our Ninja Points and distribution centres to cover wider areas.” 

The Ninja Van Biz application is now available, and can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple app store

As part of the launch, the new Ninja Van Biz application commercial will be broadcast on 26 August 2022 through various online channels. For more information, please check out Facebook Ninja Van TH Page.

Published on 18 Aug 2022
Tags: Thailand

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