Ninja Xpress provides Ninja Xpress Seller Booster services through one-stop fulfillment solution to help MSMEs save business operation costs

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 22 NOVEMBER 2022– To assist MSMEs in every stage of business development, Ninja Xpress provides Ninja Xpress Seller Booster service, an integrated service consisting of Capital Loans, Creative Business Solutions, Ninja Direct, and Ninja Fulfillment. Ninja Fulfillment is here to provide a one-stop solution for managing parcels from packing of goods to arriving at the customers’ doorstep so that MSMEs can save on business operational costs. 

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress explained: “We want MSMEs to focus on developing their business without being bothered by business operations which often require large costs. With the spirit of Ready to Deliver to Your Doorstep, Ninja Fulfillment provides a one-stop solution for managing goods, cheaper than if MSMEs were to do the same on their own.” 

MSMEs that are ready to expand their businesses are faced with expensive operational costs, which include warehouse rental costs, stock management, packaging, and shipping. All these operational processes can take a long time if they do it themselves. Not to mention having to handle customer queries when there are issues in processing orders and shipping. 

Ninja Fulfillment overcomes this problem by layering high-accuracy storage and inventory management technology atop inventory in goods, processing orders, packing goods, and then submitting them to the 3PL for delivery to customers. In this way, MSMEs incur much lower costs because they eliminate fixed costs and pay only for the services used. 

Apart from saving costs, MSMEs can also save time. They can check orders and inventory at any time through the Client Portal while Ninja Fulfillment handles the heavy lifting. By shortening the flow of goods from storage to the last mile, Ninja Fulfillment is able to help improve service level agreements too. To top it off, Ninja Fulfillment also provides a dedicated account manager for each SME. 

RA Mega Wahyu Arimurti from APG Indo, Ninja Fulfillment service user, shared her experience: “I used to store goods in other warehouses, but some of them were damaged and lost. As a result, my company suffered a loss. Then I use Ninja Fulfillment. The facilities are complete and safe, the stock count is also accurate, and there is a packing and delivery team so that costs are cheaper. Ninja Fulfillment is truly a one-stop solution for all.” 

Ninja Fulfillment processes outbound in about one to two days. An order that has been confirmed by the shipper will be sent to the Ninja fulfillment team before 4 pm. After that, it will

be handed over to the last-mile delivery on the same day. Orders made after 4 pm will be handed over to the last mile delivery on the next day. Instant and same-day delivery order creations will be handed over to the last-mile delivery within three hours, with a cut-off at 12 pm. Those created after 12pm will be handed over to the last-mile delivery on the next day. 

There are two types of Ninja Fulfillment services that are customizable standard services (B2C and B2B) and value-added services for improved quality control of goods receipts, real-time stock calculations, bundling packages, custom packages, and labeling. Ninja Fulfillment is located in MMP Warehouse, Bekasi with an area of more than 2,253 m2. Ninja Xpress plans to build a Ninja Fulfillment warehouse in Surabaya by the end of this year, followed by Medan and Makassar next year. 

Ninja Xpress is ready to help with easy package delivery via direct pick-up to the location by registering at Various services from regular, same day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculations and disbursement 2 times a week are ready to help MSMEs send packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 22 Nov 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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