Ninja Van Group introduces enhanced suite of supply chain management solutions

  • More supply chain management services: Ninja Financial Services, Ninja Fulfilment, Ninja Mart
  • Expansion of Ninja Direct procurement service into regional markets
  • Developments are part of USD$100M investment to create a more robust Ninja Van eco-system for SE Asia SMEs

Singapore, 9 June 2022 – Ninja Van Group, Southeast Asia’s leading tech-enabled logistics company, has enhanced its supply chain management solutions by expanding existing services into new markets, and making more services available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the region. These enhancements are part of the USD$100 million that Ninja Van has committed to investing in its logistics business and developing the accompanying eco-system of supply chain management products and services. 

“Today’s supply chains are complex networks of suppliers, transportation, financial service and manufacturing partners, many of which are changing on an ongoing basis. The ability to navigate and build resilient supply chains is a crucial part of any business’s success” said Mr. Firas Alsuwaigh, Ninja Van Group’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Ninja Van’s vision of being a strategic enabler for SMEs in Southeast Asia will assist businesses in planning their growth more efficiently and maximise the potential of their business.” 

Initially offered to a limited pool of customers, the company’s Ninja Direct service, an end-to-end procurement solution for SMEs, has now been made available in the majority of the markets Ninja Van operates in. The service was most recently launched in Thailand in January 2022, and is also available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Demand for Ninja Direct’s services has increased 5 times in the last two years, with over 2,000 active merchants now using the service.  

Ninja Van has also introduced several new services in the last two years, including:

  • Ninja Financial Services: a solution embedded across the suite of Ninja Van’s services that offer merchants  direct access to services such as cross-border payments and trade financing. 
  • Ninja Fulfilment: a streamlined service leveraging on Ninja Van’s extensive infrastructure and technologies to facilitate physical inventory management. 
  • Ninja Mart: a distribution platform that connects household brands and their products in Malaysia and Vietnam to thousands of family-owned shops and independent retailers.

Please refer to the Appendix for more details on Ninja Van’s supply chain management solutions.

“Our well-established regional network and the reliability and consistency of our operations have powered the development of an integrated eco-system of supply chain management solutions. These enhancements and new solutions build on our reputation as a trusted logistics provider across the region, reflecting the significant progress we have made over the years,” said Firas. 



Name of serviceDetails 
Ninja Direct Ninja Direct provides an end-to-end procurement solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the region. With a focus on high reliability and attractive rates, its dedicated account managers assist customers in managing all aspects of their upstream logistics, including comprehensive supplier management and negotiations, payments, cross-border logistics and customs clearance.
Ninja Financial ServicesNinja Financial Services facilitates cross border payments and offers embedded financing options with flexible payment terms to support shippers’ business needs. It aims to promote financial inclusivity in ASEAN providing shippers with access to capital to fund their growth.
Ninja FulfilmentNinja Fulfilment provides merchants with end-to-end warehousing and fulfilment capabilities that are integrated into their e-commerce logistics supply chain.
Ninja MartNinja Mart offers a distribution platform that connects brands and their products to thousands of small, family-owned shops and independent retailers. 

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Published on 09 Jun 2022
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