Ninja Xpress Increases Frequency of Cash-On-Delivery Disbursement To Facilitate Healthier Cash Flow For SMEs

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 14 July 2022 – Helping SMEs to maintain healthy cash flow, Ninja Xpress increases its Cash-On-Delivery (COD) fund disbursement to twice a week to facilitate healthier cash flow for SMEs. Sales proceeds are now given to SMEs accurately and in full every Tuesday and Friday so that they can better manage financial planning and reporting. 

Based on a survey conducted by the Katadata Insight Center on 206 MSMEs in Greater Jakarta in June 2020, 88.8% of online shoppers prefer COD payment. This shoppers’ preference, however, deprives shippers of immediate cash flow from their sales. The delay is due to the flow of funds from the shoppers to the third-party logistics that will need to reconcile the transactions before it reaches the shippers. 

Knowing that unlocking access to more immediate cash flow will help shippers better their business, Ninja Xpress thereby steps up its intensity on processing COD disbursement. 

Ninja Xpress’s shipper, Jamu Berkah Agent, Mustakim, says: “Previously, many transactions had taken place but we could not enter the bookkeeping summary because we’ve not received the money. The disbursement of COD funds twice a week really helps with cash flow. Now we can even give bonuses to our sales team because we received money faster! ” 

The same thing was experienced by Syaiful from Full Fashion. “With the faster disbursement of COD funds twice a week directly to our account, Full Fashion’s cash flow is healthier and it is now easier for us to record transactions. We can also channel the funds for business development to generate even more sales.” 

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress, says: “Ninja Xpress’s COD service is one of our superior services often used by SMEs. The increase in COD disbursement services to twice a week is a manifestation of Ninja Xpress’s commitment to always try to provide Fast Responses with the Right Resolution for every need of SMEs and shoppers.” This service is provided since June 2022 to all SMEs who have joined the Ninja Xpress ecosystem.

Ninja Xpress’s COD service, offered to all regions in Indonesia, has been around since 2018. Besides COD service, Ninja Xpress also provides the services such as regular and same day delivery tailored for different needs of the diverse SME community . 

To learn more about the Ninja COD service system, you can visit Ninja Xpress helps package delivery easily through direct pick-up by registering at or coming directly to the nearest Ninja Point at ninja-points.

Published on 14 Th7 2022

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