Ninja Van Thailand Champions Quality Clinches ISO 9001: 2015 Certification in Warehouse Management

Bangkok, Thailand – 9 June 2022: Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, has successfully raised the bar in their efforts towards becoming a leader in the logistics service industry. The company has recently been awarded the internationally-recognized ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certification in warehouse management by Lloyd’s Register International Thailand, a leading global independent provider of accredited certification services. The certificate reinforces Ninja Van’s image as a company that practices systematic approach in the operational management system, creating high levels of quality and efficient performance and continual overall improvement. 

According to Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, “The ISO 9001:2015 certification in warehouse management granted to Ninja Van Thailand by Lloyd’s Register International Thailand is the result of staff members from all divisions coming together to give their full support in the auditing process. Our main mission has always been to go all out to provide international standards service to secure complete customer satisfaction and offer them the highest benefits.”

Ninja Van Thailand upholds the following 8 universal principles of ISO 9001 quality management: 

● Customer focus 

● Leadership 

● People involvement 

● Process approach 

● Systematic approach to management 

● Continual improvement 

● Factual approach to decision making 

● Mutually beneficial supplier relations 

This reinforces the company’s credibility and trust within customers, stakeholders and other business partners, and guarantees that it meets global standards, providing Ninja Van Thailand with an advantage in the competitive market. 

Mr. Pierce added, “This is another great milestone as the recognition reflects and guarantees Ninja Van Thailand as a provider of high quality service with customer satisfaction as our top priority. We will strive to not only maintain these global standards and quality in our service and performance levels but also further improve upon them.” 

In 2023, Ninja Van Thailand is planning to acquire the same certificate in its pickup and drop off delivery process. This means going through annual audits to ensure the entire process is running efficiently with the global standards.

Published on 07 Jun 2022
Tags: Thailand

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