Check Out 8 Safe and Convenient Tips For Long Distances Driving Around Indonesia with Ninja Xpress Drivers

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 – Long-distance travel by car requires careful preparation not only physically but also mentally and good planning. Even though long distances traveling by car is more convenient than by motorbike, there are a few things you should pay attention to so that your trip becomes fun. Adi Subandi, the “Si Penghubung Harapan Rider Ninja Xpress” Liaison who is always ready to deliver the package to your doorstep this time sharing his tips on long distances traveling to be safe and comfortable. 

1. Physical and Mental Preparation 

Keep your stamina ahead of the trip as you need high concentration. Have a good rest and consume nutritious foods. You also need to prepare your mental to deal with any condition that may occur during the trip. 

2. Identifying the Trip Route 

Look for information and identify the route, including road conditions, traffic rules and signs, and facilities available along the route such as posts, gas stations, auto shops, and rest areas. You will also need to look for information for prone area points and alternative roads, and set up emergency phone numbers for security such as police, towing services, and nearby hospitals. 

3. Prepare and Carry Equipment and Supplies During the Trip 

Top up your eToll card balance and don not forget to bring your driver’s license. You may also need to bring spare clothes, sweets, snacks, as well as tools such as spare tires, pumps, and basic toolkits. 

4. Vehicle Condition Check 

For safety, it’s best to have your car checked before having long distances travel so that the car is in prime condition so you can drive it more comfortable. 

5. Avoid Night Driving 

Even if you’re familiar with the route, it’s best to avoid traveling at night. You will be able to see the road and signs better in daylight, and it is easier seeking for help if needed.

6. Taking a Rest After Three or Four Hours 

Never force yourself when you’re tired. Rest every three hours of non-stop driving as concentration decreases as you are getting tired from the trip. Find a rest area nearby and rest for 30 minutes immediately. Stretch your muscles to relax. If needed, wash your face and eat to be more focus when you are getting back on track. 

7. Backup Driver 

To travel in long distances, it’s safer if you do not travel alone. Bring a friend or siblings who can also drive so you can switch positions when you are tired. This is also so that the trip does not take a long time for stopping too long for resting, since the backup driver will continue the trip. 

8. Listening to music 

So that you do not get bored during your trip, set up a playlist of your favorite songs. Slow rock music can be an option. However, it is not recommended to listen to music that is too loud such as hard rock. According to a study conducted by the South China University of Technology, drivers who hear music too loud tend to drive too fast it can compromise safety. 

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Published on 28 Sep 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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