Ninja Cargo Helps SMEs Optimize Shipments to All Regions of Indonesia To Fulfill Rising Need for Cargo Services

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 15 JUNE 2023 – The rapid development of SMEs has accelerated the need for shipping services catering to a larger capacity. Therefore, cargo services in Indonesia are expected to be able to support the growth of SMEs and ensure the delivery of their products to consumers in good condition and on time regardless of capacity. WIth that,, Ninja Xpress – a leading technology-based courier service company in Indonesia –launched Ninja Cargo to support Ninja Xpress delivery service to all regions of Indonesia, in helping SMEs optimize their business. 

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the Indonesian economy grew by 5.31%, higher than the achievement in 2021 which experienced a growth of 3.70%. In terms of production, the highest growth occurred in the Transportation and Warehousing Business Field at 19.87%. This growth certainly has an impact on increasing demand for cargo services. In fact, logistics activities, especially cargo transportation at airports, continue to increase. 

Throughout 2020-2022, PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II noted that the volume of domestic cargo transportation continued to increase. In 2020, the volume of domestic cargo transportation at 20 AP II airports was cumulatively recorded at 427,948 tons or an increase of 5.27%, compared to 2019 before the pandemic of 406,494 tons. Then in 2021, the volume of domestic cargo transportation was 546,237 tons or an increase of 27.64%. Meanwhile, during January-October 2022, the volume of domestic cargo reached 461,102 tons, up 2.91 percent compared to the previous year. The increase in cargo volume is in line with the development of SMEs in the country. 

Responding to this, Rifani Budi Kristanto, Head of Corporate Sales and Fulfillment Ninja Xpress said: “The potential for cargo services in Indonesia is very large and will continue to grow with Indonesia’s economy. SMEs often encounter obstacles in terms of cargo delivery, such as high logistics rates, limited access to distribution channels, and inefficient delivery. For this reason, Ninja Cargo is here as a solution for shipping goods in large quantities and sizes. With an extensive distribution network, Ninja Cargo enables cargo shipments to be more effective where the shipping SLA remains the same as Regular shipping.” 

As Ninja Cargo uses the same fleet as the Ninja Regular service, so it has the same Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the regular. That way, SMEs can ship large quantities of goods throughout Indonesia with the same shipping estimates as regular shipments. To make it easier for shippers, the Ninja Cargo payment system can also be done by COD (Cash On Delivery).

Andi Djoewarsa, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ninja Xpress said: “We are committed to continuously improving the efficiency of cargo delivery in Indonesia. With the Ninja Cargo service, we are ready to provide reliable, efficient, and affordable logistics solutions for shippers throughout Indonesia. In addition, the presence of Ninja Cargo is also expected to be able to meet the increasing demand for cargo services in line with the growing logistics industry in Indonesia.”

Published on 15 Jun 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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