Ninja Xpress Releases Live selling Trend Data Analysis in Indonesia Through Suara UKM Negeri Vol 2

● One in three Indonesian e-commerce sellers conducts live selling 

● Two identified problem areas: Live Selling is time-consuming to prepare and host, and it is difficult to keep customers engaged throughout the session 

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 26 JANUARY 2023 Ninja Xpress, a leading technology-based delivery service company in Indonesia, releases the results of its first live selling trend analysis in Indonesia through Vol 2 of Suara UKM Negeri. The results of this analysis in Suara UKM Negeri Vol 2 point to live selling as a fast-rising e-commerce trend. Suara UKM Negeri Vol. 2 shares quantitative live selling data collected in November 2022 from more than 300 shipper respondents all over Indonesia, as well as qualitative data from buyers who engage in live shopping.

The report shows that one out of three shippers has hosted at least a live selling session. Most shippers adopting live selling come from the fashion, beauty and body care products, food and beverages, and home appliances categories. This is aligned with Ninja Xpress’ data, where it was found that small-sized packages dominated more than 90% of shipments throughout the December 2022 National Online Shopping Day period. 

Shippers share three main motivations to live selling: 

– Live selling brings in new customers 

– Live selling is a good way to have a deeper relationship with customers

– Live selling generates more buzz and awareness for online businesses 

Fernando, the owner of Bhinneka Nusantara which sells a variety of tissue products, says: “Live Selling is trending, and now we can’t sell without hosting a live selling session! We used to host our own live selling with a freelance host and regular camera. After joining Ninja Xpress, all our live selling needs get fully supported by Ninja Xpress. Starting from the concept, the script, and even the Open Broadcast Software . Hosting a live selling session with Ninja Xpress even overloaded our system with orders and contributed up to 20% of our total sales!” 

The survey uncovers three common challenges that shippers face in hosting live selling:

● Managing the buyer’s interest during live selling. 

○ One in three shippers said keeping buyers entertained and engaged throughout the live selling session is hard. Therefore, a host, great content, and appropriate promotions are needed to keep buyers’ attention. 

○ Shippers must set aside up to two hours per live selling session. As most surveyed shippers do weekly sessions on at least two live selling channels they spend at least four hours each week to host live selling. This time spent does not

even include preparation. This investment, however, needs to be done to maintain popularity among the audience. 

● Choosing the right live-selling platform. 

○ In Indonesia, TikTok (27.5%) and Shopee (26.5%) are the most popular platforms, with Lazada (20.1%) coming in third. 

○ #DidYouKnow TikTok penalizes sellers who use sensitive words? This includes other competitors’ brands, mentions of death, and so on. 

● Setting up and hosting live selling. 

○ One in four shippers mentioned that it took a lot of energy and effort to prepare and host the live selling session. To host a live selling session, two sellers are needed with a professional camera, a teleprompter to maintain eye contact with the audience, and a crew behind the scenes who monitor and curate the comments. 

Understanding the challenges shippers are experiencing in hosting a live selling session, Ninja Xpress, through Creative Business Solutions, facilitates shippers to optimize live selling, starting from preparing and hosting live selling sessions (concept creation, copywriting, and production), talent (host/KOL/MC/Model) sourcing and engaging, and even putting together a special studio for shippers to do better quality live selling. 

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress, says:“As a logistics company that continues helping SMEs grow and rise in class, Ninja Xpress continues providing the solutions customers need via our value-added services. Live selling is now a sales technique that can accelerate the buying process from the product introduction stage (awareness) directly to the purchase stage (conversion). Live selling also allows shippers to build relationships on a large scale with new and existing customers. This is what fundamentally motivates Ninja Xpress to provide live selling services for our shippers in the creative hub.” 

One platform that provides live selling features in Indonesia, TikTok Shop, has managed to increase the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in the TikTok Shopping Hoki Sale program in January 2022 to 411 percent and increase orders in TikTok Shop to 564.1 percent compared to the previous period. In mid-2022, Ninja Xpress also established a partnership to serve shippers on TikTok. 

To host live selling more effectively, Ninja Xpress helps shippers with live selling through Ninja Xpress Seller Booster. Just by sending products with Ninja Xpress, the shipper gets live selling services in the form of studios, hosts, and even the back end. All shippers have to do is provide the products and promotions. 

Ninja Xpress is ready to help deliver packages easily through direct pickup to your location by registering at Various services from regular, same day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with precise calculations and twice-a-week disbursement are ready to help MSMEs deliver packages all over Indonesia.

Published on 26 Jan 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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