Ninja Van Officially Launches in Thailand

Customised, flexible solutions for B2C /C2C marketplaces, social sellers & retail customers

Singapore, August 28, 2017 – Ninja Van, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing logistics company, has officially launched their operations in Thailand. Known for offering flexible options to eCommerce merchants, accessible and helpful customer support, as well as hassle-free and reliable tech-enabled solutions, Ninja Van has been on a rapid expansion drive across the
region and is now present in six countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand.

“We are very pleased to offer eCommerce retailers in Thailand access to Ninja Van’s fully integrated and customisable system, ensuring packages reach their customers quickly, safely and efficiently,” said Lai Chang Wen, CEO and Co-Founder of Ninja Van. “As our tagline states, we aim to ‘take the hassle out of the parcel’, making logistics fuss-free so our customers can focus on their business. We have scoped out the market in Thailand and tailored a range of solutions, not just for large eCommerce businesses, but also small and medium sellers and individuals who wish to send parcels within the country.”

Compatible with online sellers of all sizes, Ninja Van operates on proprietary technology and algorithms that optimise routes and fleet management. This helps clients to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and provide greater transparency and accountability.

Bringing the post office to the doorstep

In April, Ninja Van launched a mobile application called Ninja Easy for social sellers and individuals who wish to send packages. Available as an app for both iOS and Android, users can place an order for a Ninja to pick up their parcel within 90 minutes from anywhere within Bangkok, and have it delivered countrywide within 1-3 days.

Customers can also arrange for a delivery on the company’s website at, via LINE ID or by calling 06-0002-4003. For a limited period, users in Thailand enjoy a 50% promotion discount, at rates starting at 18 baht for regular deliveries from anywhere in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok, and free home pick-up of their parcel within 90 minutes. For other provinces in the coverage area, normal delivery service starts at 22 baht, with next day and same day delivery services available soon.

The Ninja Easy mobile app is currently available to customers in Indonesia and Thailand on Android via the Google Play Store, and iOS via the Apple App Store.

Ninja Van Thailand soft launched in 2016 and has since established partnerships with platforms such as Airpay, Page 365, and Chillindo; allowing them to offer their customers access to Ninja Van’s fuss-free and reliable logistics solutions. Ninja Van Thailand currently has a team of over 500 drivers and riders, who are well-trained to provide excellent service to customers in
Bangkok and beyond.

For more information, visit: (Thai site) or (English site)

About Ninja Van
Launched in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, Ninja Van is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing technology-driven last-mile logistics provider, powering e-commerce businesses of all sizes with innovative transport solutions. Passionate about breaking the bottlenecks in logistics in SEA, Ninja Van currently has operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,
Thailand and Vietnam.

With an in-depth understanding of e-commerce, modern consumers and the need to create open, honest and seamless customer experiences, Ninja Van offers scalable, innovative and intelligent solutions, providing sellers with access to a fully integrated and customisable system that ensures packages reach end-consumers in the most efficient manner.

Published on 28 Aug 2017


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