Ninja Van Philippines opens new Novaliches hub to boost capabilities

Ninja Van Philippines’ new 5,000-square-meter hub in Novaliches, Quezon City, which is expected to boost the company’s capabilities in bringing hassle-free deliveries to north Metro Manila as well as Central and North Luzon.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Tech-enabled logistics company Ninja Van Philippines recently launched its new 5,045-square meter Novaliches hub to improve its capabilities in bringing hassle-free delivery services for shippers and shoppers in north Metro Manila as well as Central and North Luzon.

The compound, which features two newly-built warehouses, is expected to boost Ninja Van’s capacity in sorting and accommodating more packages to address increasing demand for hassle-free delivery services in the Philippines. 

“As we begin to mark our sixth year in the Philippines, Ninja Van continues to strive for operational excellence by strengthening the core delivery business, improving delivery speed, and developing more value-added services. The launch of our new Novaliches hub is a testament to Ninja Van’s ethos of ‘todo hustle, no hassle’ amid the changing e-commerce landscape in the Philippines,” said Vin Perez, Ninja Van Philippines Chief Operating Officer.  

The hub is expected to generate 190 jobs to help meet operational requirements, and will be equipped with a conveyor belt that can automatically measure parcel dimensions. The entire compound also features a fire protection system, an improved lighting system, a security center, and insulated roofs for the safety of both employees and parcels that will be housed in the facility.  

“The growth of e-commerce in recent years, accelerated by the pandemic, now requires third-party logistics providers  to stay ahead of shippers and shoppers’ changing demands,” Perez added, adding that the new Novaliches hub can process more than 50,000 parcels a day to support robust demand in Metro Manila and Luzon. 

In the latest E-Commerce Barometer 2021 by the Ninja Van Group and European parcel delivery network DPD group, it was found that the Philippines ranked second out of six surveyed countries in terms of average basket size, at US $33 per single purchase in e-commerce platforms. The same report also said that there is a need for excellent logistics to ensure reliable and transparent delivery service options in the country. 

Ninja Van Philippines has fully embraced its commitment to provide hassle-free delivery services for Filipinos. For the leading delivery services company, excellent logistics require better infrastructure, commitment, transparency, and actionable solutions for the benefit of shippers and shoppers alike. “Our newest operational innovations further cements our position as  one of the most trusted logistics services providers in the country,” Perez said.

Published on 15 Sep 2022


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