To Celebrate Mother’s Day, Ninja Xpress Rider Shares Stories about Empowered Women

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 16 DECEMBER 2022– The profession of a package courier is often identified as a profession for men. However, in the past four years and counting, Lita Yulistiawati (32) broke this stigma by pursuing the profession of a Ninja Xpress rider or ‘Si Penghubung Harapan’. Lita’s entry to the profession was initiated by economic needs. As a mother, this profession not only helps her to meet her family’s economic needs but also allows her to care for her two children.

“I hope that our efforts and sacrifices for our families can be more publicly appreciated,” said Lita. “I often see mothers being ashamed of their profession. But as long as the work is lawful and useful for the family, there’s no need for that at all! We are strong, and we can be even stronger than men.”

With the highest number of package deliveries meeting the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Lita was the only woman to win Ninja Xpress’s Best Rider 2022 award. Every Monday to Saturday, Lita starts her day at Ninja Xpress from 7am, sorting packages at Ninja Xpress for delivery to customers. About an hour later, she will be out delivering packages. During a break when delivering packages, Lita will stop by the house to take care of the children and return to deliver packages after lunch. She ensures that all packages are delivered in the afternoon so that she can be home by 5pm to care for her children. These working hours are one of the reasons she feels comfortable at Ninja Xpress.

When asked about what her daughter’s response thinks of her profession, Lita said that they understand that their mother has to work to support the family. In addition, Lita considers it her profession to deliver packages safely to the recipient’s hands. To maintain customer trust, she maintains good communication with the parcel recipients before and after delivery. Lita spends her Sundays off so that she can do activities with her husband and children.

Maria A. Octasya, Chief Human Resources Officer of Ninja Xpress, said: “Ninja Xpress always supports the inclusiveness of women at all levels so that they get the same opportunity to work and help strengthen their families’ finances. We also do not discriminate between female and male employees as we are an outcome driven company..”

Mother’s Day in Indonesia has a rich history. It commemorates the First Indonesian Women’s Congress, where women participated in fighting for independence, development, and women’s rights. The 3rd Women’s Congress which was held in Bandung, December 22, 1968 then determined every December 22 as Mother’s Day.

Lita’s struggle is part of the struggle of mothers in Indonesia who have played a role in Nation development. The 94th Mother’s Day commemoration this year is a tribute to all women in Indonesia for their contribution to their family, society, and country.

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Published on 16 Dec 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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