SME Sales Increase with Customized Solutions, Ninja Xpress Successfully Record Increases in Shipping Volume During Ramadan 2022

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, June 20th, 2022 – Ninja Xpress recorded a shipment increase of more than 35% compared to last year’s Ramadan. Customized solutions, which were just introduced at the beginning of Ramadan this year, are one of the factors supporting the increase in volume, which is a manifestation of Ninja Xpress’s obsession in delivering success for local SMEs by providing solutions according to business lines. 

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress said, ”Along with the new normal and economic activity has begun to recover, SMEs/shippers from various business lines have entrusted Ninja Xpress with their business marketing innovations through customized solutions to keep them growing. The desire to listen to shippers’ needs and provide solutions to the challenges they face has made Ninja Xpress recorded a significant increase in the number of shipments reaching more than 35% this Ramadan.” 

This increase is also supported by data from the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy which recorded an increase in the Indonesian people’s spending index by 31% from a level of 159.9 in Ramadan 2021 to a level of 179.4 in Ramadan 2022. 

Ninja Xpress shipments in Ramadan 2022 are still dominated by the form of fashion products such as clothing, shoes, bags, then cosmetics, personal care, household supplies and supplement/herbal medicines. Shippers from the provinces of West Java, Central Java, and DKI Jakarta are still the most shipping areas since 2020. Meanwhile, the provinces that have the most delivery destinations are West Java, East Java, and Banten. 

The customized solutions initiative started with Ninja Xpress’s commitment to listen to the needs of every shipper from different business lines who actually experience different marketing challenges. Shippers can take advantage of this service to review business and market potential, product advantages, challenges and business maturity levels to find the most appropriate marketing strategy.

HR Group Billboard at Medan City

“Ninja Xpress’ customized solutions have helped us explore business potential and then provide a more targeted and comprehensive marketing plan. As an SME that still needs a lot of help at every stage of development, Ninja Xpress continues to assist during implementation so that we are successful in increasing sales,” said Widya Pangestika, Social Media Specialist from HR Group (Dr. O), one of the Shippers of Ninja Xpress. 

Ninja Xpress provides Customized Solutions services through Creative Business Solutions including by providing Paid Ads, Videotron, and Media Partnership facilities for offline and online advertising support, collaboration with Macro Influencers/KOL for Live Selling programs, Bazaar Booth activity in organizing events, taking photos and professional product videos on Creative Hub, to social media content services. 

To ensure shippers get the convenience and comfort of drama-free problem solving, Customer Care Ninja Xpress provides a fast response or feedback for 30 seconds by telephone, 3 minutes via chat platform, 2 hours via email, and a maximum of 2×24 hours every day. Not only that, Ninja Xpress will also always try to present the Right Resolution for every shipper or consumer need. All of this support is provided free of charge to SMEs who are members of the Ninja Xpress ecosystem or who have just registered through

Published on 20 Jun 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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