Ninja Van Thailand believes Thai SMEs can achieve business expansion via cross borders e-commerce

With statistics showing significant jump in parcel delivery volume in ASEAN 

Bangkok, Thailand – 27 June 2022: Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, believes there is great opportunity for SMEs to grow their businesses in the ASEAN region. Delivering around 2 million parcels per day across six countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, the recent E-commerce Southeast Asia (SEA) Barometer Report 2021 by Ninja Van Group and DPDgroup corroborated the observation of immense e-commerce growth. This is why, Ninja Van Thailand continues to nurture an ecosystem that provides value-added services and tools for big or small shippers alike to support their needs and ensure a seamless hassle free experience. 

Not only that, there is also an increase in consumer confidence and trust in online purchasing from foreign websites based in Asia and across the continent. Vietnam records the highest number of online users with 74% of the sample group. Singapore is 67%; Thailand 63%; Indonesia 62%; Malaysia 61% and Philippines shows the lowest at 48%. Online shopping within the Asian region, China in particular, is still more prevalent than from Europe and the USA. Such consumer trends present high potential expansion opportunities in e-commerce in the region as the frequency in deliveries by Ninja Van has jumped to two million parcels delivered per day in the six countries where data was collected. 

“Ninja Van Group has enhanced our express delivery capabilities to future-proof its volume growth trajectory covering all of the ASEAN region: sizeable automated hubs and sortation systems have been added in Singapore (October 2021) and the Philippines (April 2022) as well as cutting-edge dim weighing systems – machines that size and weigh parcels for fair billing and time-saving – in Indonesia (July 2021), and soon to be rolled out in other countries,“ said Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, 

Ninja Van Group’s use of technology in providing logistics and other value-added services will push the growth of e-commerce by equipping SMEs with the necessary support to compete in the fast-changing digital world. The Group is prepared to provide assistance and resources to SME businesses that would like to grow across ASEAN and subsequently expand to Asia. Ninja Van Group is ready to deliver parcels ranging from small to large scale machineries and provide hassle free services to manufacturers, distributors and efficient delivery to all its users. 

In a concerted effort to support SME Enterprises in Thailand, Mr. Pierce said that Ninja Van Thailand has designed and developed a logistics system covering several aspects such as:

● Warehouse has the capability to seamlessly move parcels from suppliers directly to manufacturers, providing a hassle-free experience.Storing of inventory will focus on sorting it into distinct categories with a flexible but precise product classification in place 

● Sorting goods for timely deliveries where the system can process and provide accurate timeline of delivery according to the degree of urgency 

● Selecting suitable packaging, the system can match each product with its proper packaging, e.g. bubble wrap for fragile products to avoid any breakage 

● On time delivery to customers within the country or cross border. “E-Commerce is definitely a budding business opportunity for SME enterprises in Thailand. Ninja Van Thailand will continue to provide support to our partners across borders amidst the increasingly growing market on a regional basis,” said Mr. Pierce in conclusion.

Published on 27 Jun 2022
Tags: Thailand

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