Responding to SMEs’ Warehousing Challenges, Ninja Xpress is Ready to Support SMEs with the Ninja Fulfillment Service

This will help SMEs to optimise cost and solve manpower issues

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 19 APRIL 2023 – As a leading technology-based shipping service company in Indonesia, Ninja Xpress continues to provide various supporting facilities for shipping services, one of which is Ninja Fulfillment. With Ninja Fulfillment, Ninja Xpress will help SMEs to optimise cost and address any manpower issues they may face. Larocking, a sneakers brand shipping with Ninja Xpress, has successfully sold up to 38 thousand pairs of shoes per month. This success is not only supported by product quality but also by the right sales strategy and warehousing or fulfillment services. 

In Indonesia, increasing e-commerce transactions are affecting the growth of the logistics sector. This includes the need for fulfillment services. SMEs that utilize e-commerce to market their products would need their own warehouses to support their business operations. However, one of the challenges of managing their own warehouse is that it requires a lot of money and human resources. This fulfillment service offered by Ninja Xpress comes as a solution to help SMEs with difficulties in terms of product storage and manpower issues for fulfillment. 

With SMEs increasingly in need of warehousing facilities, Ninja Xpress is ready to help SMEs by providing fulfillment services with storage facilities at competitive prices so that businesses can optimise their cost. With this solution, SMEs will now have one less worry and can focus on growing their business. Through this Ninja Fulfillment service, Ninja Xpress offers various other benefits, such as more flexible costs according to shipper’s needs, providing human resources to carry out the entire backend operation process, saving time, and providing accurate delivery of goods from the warehouse to the shopper. 

Steven Christopher, Director of PT Larocking Aleoca Global said, “Initially, Larocking had its own warehouse. However, it required more expensive operations and we had to think about the inventory so we ended up using Ninja Xpress’ fulfillment service. Using fulfillment services is not only more cost-efficient, but it also supports our productivity and helps with manpower issues. Before, we had a lot of work to do, now we can just focus on products and marketing.” 

In addition to using the right fulfillment service, here are some things that are key to Larocking’s success in running its business: 

1. Understand the target market well 

Determining and understanding the target market well is one of the important things in doing business. That way, SMEs can present products that suit the needs of the identified target market. In this case, Larocking understands that its target market has a background that likes shopping and has its own budget for shopping, especially in the field of fashion. With that in mind, Larocking set the price of their shoes at Rp99 thousand. Thus, it is expected that Larocking’s target market can buy more than one shoe every time they shop. 

Has a variety of product models 

Millennials and Gen Z’s need for fashion that is always up-to-date, makes Larocking have a wide selection of attractive and trendy shoe models. Every month, Larocking has two new models. One model can consist of 3-5 colors. With a wide selection of models and affordable prices, it can have the opportunity to make consumers purchase more than one product. 

3. Creating promotional content according to the target market 

To get closer to the target market, Larocking created promotional content tailored to their segmentation. The content on Larocking’s social media is created in a millennial and Gen Z style. The communication style applied is also adapted to young people to make it more relevant. To create content that is relevant to the target market, SMEs/Shipper can also use Ninja Xpress’ Creative Hub facility, which can be utilized to make product photos and videos more attractive. 

4. Using Fulfillment services for cost and human resource efficiency The growing business and the increasing number of orders require Larocking to have its own storage warehouse. In this case, Larocking entrusted it to the Ninja Fulfillment service. The Ninja Fulfillment service helps Larocking streamline costs and human resources because the process of storing, packaging, and shipping goods is carried out in an organized manner by the Ninja Xpress team. With one less worry on their end, Larocking can focus on growing their business. Not only that, but a few Larocking customers have also provided testimonials of fast product delivery after using Ninja Xpress services. 

Andi Djoewarsa, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ninja Xpress said, “The challenges faced by SMEs are not only limited to product development and marketing strategies but also in terms of choosing logistics services to support SME business operations. Ninja Xpress, as a logistics company that continues to help SMEs grow and upgrade, is ready to provide various solutions needed by SMEs/Shippers through the Ninja Xpress Seller Booster service, which consists of Creative Business Solutions, Ninja Direct, and Ninja Fulfillment.

Published on 19 Apr 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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