Ninja Van Thailand unveils Effortless campaign to guarantee hassle-free deliveries for shippers and shoppers

This is the brand’s second marketing activity following the launch of its Rubber Ring Man advertising campaign which received positive feedback and saw an increase in brand awareness 

Bangkok, Thailand, 20 April 2022 Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, unveils it’s Effortless campaign to reaffirm its commitment to resolve all parcel delivery challenges with fast, prompt action by a brigade of capable Ninja Van team ranging from riders and drivers to administrative staff who proactively handle calls, chats and emails in a timely manner. In addition, recent survey results indicate an increase in brand awareness, recognition and positive feedback following the launch of Ninja Van Thailand’s first “Rubber Ring Man” advertising campaign which showed 14% increase of Google searches for the brand. 

According to Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, “The new Effortless campaign was built upon the previous commercial advertising movie “Rubber Ring Man” that was launched earlier this year. The “Rubber Ring Man” addressed four main pain points in delivery services that Ninja Van Thailand seeks to resolve. Through the Effortless campaign, we would like to reiterate our commitment to provide hassle-free deliveries for all our shippers and shoppers. At our call centre, every call is answered within 30 seconds; an administrative officer is ready to engage in chats within three minutes; and incoming emails are handled within two hours. We are open 365 days and have implemented a 120% increase in our operation workforce comprising call centre staff, warehouse staff, riders and drivers, dedicated customer service staff to serve small and large scale shippers alike.”

“Following the launch of the “Rubber Ring Man” commercial campaign in February, we conducted a survey to measure our brand awareness and brand lift; and we found that our brand awareness has increased more than 3.26% while brand lift also rose to 6.34%. There is also a 14% increase in Google searches for Ninja Van Thailand. Based on these results, we can see that there is a definite upsurge in customer interest in our brand, which is in line with our planned expansion of PUDO (Pick-up Drop-off) points throughout the country. An additional 200 distribution centres with focus on the northern, northeastern and southern regions and more than 2,000 PUDO stores will open within the year. Implementation of these plans will support customer needs and requirements, and allow Ninja Van Thailand to meet the demands of the ever-growing e-commerce industry,” added Mr. Ng

The new Effortless commercial will be broadcast on 20 April 2022 through various online channels and run parallel with a series of on-going marketing activities in which customers can participate to stand a chance to win prizes. The launch of the Effortless campaign will continue to strengthen Ninja Van Thailand’s awareness, create top of mind brand recall, and reaffirm its promise to provide shippers and shoppers with a seamless experience. For more information, please check out Facebook Ninja Van TH Page.

Published on 20 Apr 2022
Tags: Thailand

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