Ninja Xpress Improves Service on 5 Most Popular Shipping Routes To Prove Its Commitment To Helping Shippers Ship More To Destination

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, AUGUST 16, 2022 – In anticipation of Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, Ninja Xpress proves its commitment to Ready to Help Reach Destination by making a number of delivery service improvements on five existing routes in West Java, Central Java, East Java and Banten. In addition, Ninja Xpress also records an impressive service level agreement (SLA) for regular delivery services reaching 99.4% for shipments from and within Java, which previously stood at 98%. Shipments from Java to other islands outside Java reached 98.6%. 

Ninja Xpress’s past 12 months’ shipping data shows that shippers in West Java and Central Java cities are the largest shippers of parcels in the archipelago. Meanwhile, cities in West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Banten are the areas receiving the most packages. 

A 2021 Nielsen Consumer LLC study says that logistics partners who can provide economical shipping rates, fast delivery with a high delivery success rate (SLA), wide area coverage, and timely parcel pick-up remain as shippers’ top choices in several cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Kuningan, Tasikmalaya, Garut, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, and Malang. 

“With a commitment to Ready to Help Reach Destination and listen to shippers’ needs, Ninja Xpress has made significant service improvements on several shipping routes in West Java, Central Java, East Java and Banten. We focus on getting shippers to experience fast and effortless shipping so that more local SMEs can rise to drive the wheels of the national economy,” said Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress

Reflecting on this condition, Ninja Xpress has improved its regular delivery service by increasing its pick-up service from once to twice a day at no extra charge. This can be enjoyed by all shippers throughout Indonesia, opening up to three direct linehaul departure schedules, and expanding station and sorting. The service improvement is evidenced by the SLA that the delivery of goods will be received one day after the package is sent on the Bekasi and East Jakarta routes to Karawang and Cikampek; Bekasi to Bandung; Bekasi to Banten; Cirebon, Majalengka, Indramayu to Pekalongan and Semarang; and Cirebon, Majalengka, Indramayu to Surabaya, Malang, Nganjuk – an improvement from the previously promised of two to three days window.

To ensure smooth handling of customers’ delivery needs, Ninja Xpress Customer Care service will provide a fast response within 30 seconds by telephone, three minutes via chat platform and two hours via email.. Ninja Xpress also vows to present the Right Resolution for every need of shipper and consumer alike. 

Ninja Xpress is ready to help with easy package delivery through direct pick-up to the location by first registering at Various services from regular, same day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculations and disbursement two times a week are ready to help MSMEs send packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 16 Aug 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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