Facilitating SMEs to Survive the Pandemic, Ninja Xpress Shares Inspiring Stories of Successful SMEs 

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 29 AUGUST 2022 – The pandemic undeniably caused many SMEs to experience a decline in sales, but despite the challenge, some SMEs actually experienced a positive turning point in business. Not wanting to give up due to the pandemic, two of Ninja Xpress‘s SMEs/shippers, Greenville Farm and Media Indotama Expo, are now successful because they dared to take market opportunities that came during this period and are free from the hassle of doing business with ‘Ready to Deliver to Your Doorstep’ service. 

One of Ninja Xpress’s shippers in West Jakarta, Greenville Farm, made a breakthrough by innovating independently and changing its business idea from being a sports center to organic vegetable farming. Initially, the imposition of social restrictions during the pandemic forced the sports center to close. Bobby Agus, the brand owner of Greenville Farm, thought very hard to find new essential business ideas during the pandemic so that they did not have to lay off their employees. 

After various considerations, Bobby finally decided to start hydroponic vegetable farming by turning a tennis court into a vegetable garden. Many of the employees have no agricultural background, but they wanted to learn. In October 2020, Greenville harvested their first vegetables, but unfortunately the vegetables had to be distributed for free due to poor response around West Jakarta. Supermarkets were unwilling to retail the crops as they usually prefer well-known suppliers, plus supply of hydroponic vegetable products at that time was abundant. 

Eventually, Bobby found a solution and started selling directly to consumers. However, he was constrained by the highcosts he had to cover to recruit delivery couriers. That’s when he contacted Ninja Xpress to try its delivery service to the Jakarta metropolitan area. 

Bobby Agus said, “Greenville was born during the time of pandemic when we had to innovate . Starting a business during that time was stressful and Ninja Xpress stepped in to free us from the hassle of shipping through same day delivery services so that we can concentrate expanding our business. Our market expands from the extent to which Ninja Xpress can send our vegetable products for the same day delivery service.” Bobby added that vegetables delivered using Ninja Xpress were fresh when they reached their destination. 

In addition to delivery, Greenville is also free from the deadlock of creative ideas and the cost of producing photos and videos of vegetable products through Creative Business Solutions. The Creative Hub facility provided by Ninja Xpress is a solution because it can provide new ideas for content creation and help save costs to do content production on your

own. After using CBS, Greenville enjoyed more varied content angle and is able to save costs because it no longer needs to provide its own models, make up, and equipment. With higher quality photo and video content, Greenville increased its sales on its online store by 40%. 

The same goes for PT Media Indotama Expo, a company that provides a variety of online training, workshops and seminars for all lines of profession as a solution to increase its competitive advantage for Indonesian professionals. According to Syahreza Sabri, CEO of Indotama Media Expo, he actually found his business model and company to be thriving during the pandemic, where seminar participants can be free from Covid restrictions. 

Although he started organizing training and seminars online since 2014, the number of participant growth increased drastically from 200-500 people pre-pandmic to 2000-5000 people. Not only that, participants have now expanded from Sumatra and Java Islands to the whole of Indonesia and even internationally. To date, they have around 1 million participants who had attended training with PT Media Indotama Expo. 

The pandemic has created new opportunites for PT Media Indotama Expo such as expanding their business lines to provide trainings to health workers through Media Medical. The training for health workers even included guest speakers from abroad and was attended by participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

Media Medical became the initial moment of Media Indotama Expo’s collaboration with Ninja Xpress. To reach participants throughout Indonesia, PT Media Indotama Expo engaged Ninja Xpress to assist with the process of sending documents, training books, and certificates to all seminar participants. 

Having a dream to become one of the largest human resource development service providers in Indonesia, Media Indotama Expo as a company that was originally established in West Sumatra has credential constraints to be recognized nationally. In addition to logistical assistance, Riyan Adiputra Sabri, CMO of Indotama Media Expo said, “Ninja Xpress has helped us with marketing too. As a small company that wasn’t well-known yet, the collaboration with Ninja Xpress through Creative Business Solutions, namely video advertisement facilities in Bogor and Bandung and media publications, greatly helped to increase public confidence in Indotama Expo Media.” Andi Djoewarsa, CMO Ninja Xpress said, “In this month of Indonesian independence, we want to motivate other shippers to rise again from the impact of the pandemic to become independent entrepreneurs with Ninja Xpress. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are committed to accompany SMEs to survive and even grow by providing value-added logistics services to free shippers from all the hassle of doing promotions for their business. To ensure an appropriate business development solution, Ninja Xpress also dedicates a team to each

shipper to accompany them.”

Ninja Xpress is ready to help deliver packages easily through direct pickup to the location by first registering at https://selalusiap.ninjaxpress.id/. Various services from regular, same day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculation and disbursement two times a week are ready to help MSMEs deliver packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 29 Aug 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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