Ninja Van Singapore Steps Up On Sustainability Efforts With Two Green Initiatives

Initiatives include Ninja Van’s pilot trial of electric vehicles in Southeast Asia and the relaunch of an eco-friendly version of Ninja Packs

SINGAPORE, 11 OCTOBER 2022 – Local express logistics company Ninja Van Singapore is rolling out two environmentally-focused initiatives as part of its effort to step up on its sustainability efforts. Both initiatives kick off in October and involve a pilot programme to trial electric vehicles (EV) and the relaunch of a redesigned eco-friendly version of the Ninja Packs, Ninja Van’s pre-paid poly mailer product. 

Hassle-free deliveries made electric 

The EV pilot trial will see the addition of 10 electric vehicles to its fleet as part of its partnership with the leading commercial vehicle leasing company, Goldbell Leasing. The trial is the first such programme that Ninja Van is running within its Southeast Asian network, and is part of the company’s broader plan to measure and manage its environmental impact. 

As part of the trial, Ninja Van will be assessing some factors before committing to a larger-scale roll-out across its fleet in Singapore. These factors include challenges drivers might face, and ground data such as the accessibility of commercial charging points and the driving range of a fully-loaded EV. 

When fully charged, the EVs can travel up to 235 km and carry a load of up to 1200kg.

“Sustainability is part of Ninja Van’s long-term goals, and it is important for us to make the transition in a deliberate and calculated way. Doing so allows us to maintain the “hassle-free” service experience for our shippers and customers that Ninja Van is known for, and recognise greater benefits for both our business and the environment,” said Ray Chou, Country Head of Ninja Van Singapore. 

Ninja Van is the first adopter of the newly launched Foton iBlue electric vans. As a long-standing fleet partner since 2014, Goldbell will work closely with Ninja Van to navigate the complexity of fleet electrification, such as providing consultation on electrical infrastructure to achieve the maximum economic, environmental, and experiential benefits of this trial. 

“The topic of sustainability is central to our own efforts in driving the electromobility agenda. We are therefore delighted to be involved in this pilot trial, which is a step forward in contributing towards contributing to Singapore’s Green Plan,” said Keith Kee, General Manager of Goldbell Leasing. 

Hassle-free deliveries made eco-friendly 

The first version of Eco Ninja Packs was launched last year, with Ninja Van being the first in the logistics industry to pioneer an eco-friendly version of a pre-paid poly mailer in Singapore. 

“Looking beyond last-mile operations, we wanted to explore how we can manage other parts of the supply chain to reduce our overall carbon emissions footprint, and the Eco Ninja Pack is our solution to that. This is a product that is ideal for business owners who want to do their part for the environment as the Eco Ninja Packs are biodegradable and do not release toxins during the incineration process. Being sourced and supplied locally also means we are able to reduce carbon emissions incurred through air and sea freight,” said Kooh Wee Hou, Head of Commercial of Ninja Van Singapore.

Eco Ninja Packs are available for sale and are priced at $3.80/piece with a bundle of 5, and $3.40/piece with a bundle of 30. 

Please find the press materials in the Google drive here

● Images of the EVs and Eco Ninja Packs 

● Infographics on the EVs and Eco Ninja Packs 

● Infographic on other green initiatives in our warehouses 

Published on 11 Oct 2022
Tags: Singapore

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