Ninja Xpress together with the West Java Cooperatives and Small Business Office strengthen commitment to take West Java MSMEs to the next level

UMKM Jabar Juara 2023 Can Enjoy 20% Shipping Discounts and free Creative Hub Services

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 9 NOVEMBER 2022 Ninja Xpress, a tech-enabled logistics company that is always ready to help Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), strengthens cooperation with the West Java Cooperatives and Small Business Office to help West Java MSMEs advance by accelerating digitization and streamlining logistics flows. This collaboration to support UMKM Juara 2023 was confirmed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by both parties at the UMKM Juara Award 2022 event held on November 2 – 3 in Bandung, West Java. 

In his remarks, Kusmana Hartadji, the Head of the West Java Province Cooperatives and Small Business Office, said that UMKM Juara could continue next year thanks to the support of various parties. “UMKM Juara will continue in the coming years, thank you for the support of various parties, including Ninja Xpress who coordinate and provide support to MSMEs in the West Java,” he said. 

According to data from the West Java Provincial Government, the assistance carried out in 2022 led to an increase in the number of West Java MSMEs who were ready to advance to the next level. Of the 4,000 MSMEs registered under the UMKM Juara programme, the number of micro-enterprises that has grown to become small businesses has increased by 15.5 percent, and the number of small businesses that have grown to medium-sized enterprises has increased by 6.5 percent. Meanwhile, MSMEs that have exposure to the digital market increased by 75.05 percent. 

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress said: “West Java is an area with a very productive number of MSMEs. This can be seen from the high shipments made from this region to all of Indonesia based on Ninja Xpress’s records throughout 2021. Ninja Xpress, with the spirit of “Ready to Deliver to Your Doorstep”, will continue supporting the West Java Provincial Government in UMKM Juara program so that more West Java MSMEs are promoted into the digital ecosystem.” 

As part of this one-year agreement, Ninja Xpress is offering shipping discounts of up to 20%, the complimentary use of Creative Hub services in Bandung and Kuningan for all West Java MSMEs who have sent packages via Ninja Xpress, and a delivery starter kit. This collaboration focuses on MSMEs in the small and medium-scale fashion and handicraft sectors. Ninja Xpress and the West Java Cooperatives and Small Business Office will also be jointly organizing

various empowerment programs by utilizing Creative Business Solutions, one of the support pillars for increasing sales of Ninja Xpress Seller Booster

Meanwhile, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, the Deputy Governor of West Java Province, who was present at the event explained that UMKM Juara Award 2022 was intended to motivate MSME actors to continue moving and working more enthusiastically. The awards were given to nine best regional coordinators, the six best MSME actors in West Java, the 27 best regency/city MSME companions, and the 27 best regency/city MSMEs. 

UMKM Juara Award 2022 marks the end of the UMKM Juara 2022 programme, which focuses on collaborative projects to provide MSMEs with access to marketing, financing, and pentahelix legality to promote MSMEs. Ninja Xpress is ready to help with easy package delivery via direct pick-up to the location by registering at Various services from regular, same-day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculations and disbursement twice a week are ready to help MSMEs send packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 09 Nov 2022
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