Celebrating National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Month 2023, Ninja Xpress Continues to Enhance OSH Education for Drivers as SiPenghubungHarapan

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 12 JANUARY 2023 – Considering the importance of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) of our driver partners, our #SiPenghubungHarapan, Ninja Xpress strengthens the implementation of Courier Education training across Indonesia. A series of training sessions that must be completed by all drivers, this training is also intended to support
the OSH Month starting January 12 – February 12, 2023 with the theme “Creating A Decent Work Environment Through OHS Culture to Support Business Continuity Within Every Workplace”.

Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress said, “Ninja Xpress recognizes that the fulfillment of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is a fundamental right of the drivers. If drivers are able to avoid any potential hazards that may occur during work, their productivity will increase, which will directly improve the quality of service to customers.”

This three-hour training provides drivers with Defensive Driving and Safety Riding which covers basic driving techniques, vehicle inspection using BAROMETER methods (Body, Box, Tires; Coolant; Oil; Electricity; Tool Kit; Emergency Tools; Brake), dealing with fatigue while driving, and how to overtake properly.

Eka Widodo Mubtadi, Area Operation Manager of Ninja Xpress in connection with this training stated, “OSH training is a great assistance to our driver partners. Ninja Xpress provides training sessions every three months to raise drivers’ awareness and understanding. to create a shared understanding amongst our drivers on what is considered safe driving.”

Eka said that in order to remind the drivers, Ninja Xpress holds weekly briefings to remind the drivers about safety, from ensuring the headlights, brakes, and horns are working properly, vehicles and tires are in perfect condition, and ensuring that no driver performs repairs without the assistance of a mechanic.

Meanwhile, Wahyudi, a Ninja Xpress rider said, “OSH training is very important for us, especially because we drive vehicles with relatively large packages. At the same time, we are increasingly aware of the importance of riding equipment for road safety.”

Ninja Xpress also improves control by specifying requirements that must be met by our SiPenghubungHarapan prior to delivery of packages, such as having a valid driving license, providing a vehicle registration number, and meeting the requirements on the BAROMETER vehicle eligibility checklist. In the event of an incident involving our drivers, Ninja Xpress will verify these documents in advance to make sure that the vehicle and driver are travelling in a good work order.

Ninja Xpress is ready to deliver packages easily through direct pickup to your location by registering at https://selalusiap.ninjaxpress.id. Various services from regular, same day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculation and disbursement two times a week are ready to help MSMEs deliver packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 12 Jan 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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