Ninja Xpress Supports Local SMEs’ Product Exports Through the Cross Border Delivery Program

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 09 June 2023 – Ninja Xpress reinforces their dedication in supporting exports from Indonesia’s small, and medium enterprises (SME) to create Indonesian SME products that can compete internationally. Through the Global Freight Forwarding Delivery service or international package delivery, Ninja Xpress provides a solution for SME product export from start to finish. This service facilitates the document process until the packages get to their destination. 

Menurut data dari Ministry of Cooperatives and SME, shows that export value from Indonesian SMEs in 2019 reached IDR 339,190.5 billion, a 15.43% increase compared to 2018 with IDR 293,840.9 billion. That said, even with the growth of exports from SMEs products, logistic services that support and facilitate many aspects of cross-border export are limited. 

Andi Djoewarsa, Ninja Xpress’ CMO, says: “We realize that Indonesia’s SME products have competitive quality and high export potential. With this potential in mind, Ninja Xpress exhibits ‘Siap Bantu Sampai Tujuan’’ by offering a Cross Border Delivery that provides convenience for SMEs to export their products overseas, from document handling to cross-border Cash-On-Delivery (COD) facilities. With this program, we hope that Indonesia’s SMEs will continue to grow and reach broader markets beyond the country’s borders”. 

The market opportunities abroad are still very significant, as stated by Titan Sabtian, a Certified Export Coach from BNSP Export School, during the Cross-Border Masterclass Ninja Xpress event with fellow SMEs on June 8th,” Business opportunities overseas, especially in the ASEAN market, are still very promising with high demand and great opportunities to become suppliers. As business operators, it is important for us to understand regulations, products, documents, potential buyers, and the shipping process.” 

Through Cross Border Delivery, Ninja Xpress offers several services to assist SMEs with exporting their products, such as giving advice on export and import documents at origin and destination country. This export document handling facility is directly oversaw by dedicated Account Management personnel responsible for supporting the export process. Not only does this make it easier for SMEs to send their products without worrying about the complex process but SMEs can now also track their shipments and monitor the delivery status through the Ninja Xpress website. 

As part of shipping services, Ninja Xpress’ shippers can now send their parcels with COD services, a logistics and shipping facility that provides convenience for consumers to pay for their orders in cash when the package arrives at the destination. Since its introduction, COD has

become one of Indonesia’s most popular payment methods, as supported by data from BPS in 2021, which states that 78.72% of transaction payments for goods on E-Commerce platforms use the COD payment method. Through the Cross Border Delivery program, SMEs with consumers across different countries can also enjoy the COD facilities provided by Ninja Xpress. 

Andi Djoewarsa continues: “Apart from assisting SMEs in international shipping with the Cross Border Delivery service, we also provide support for larger-scale international shipping services through Global Freight Forwarding. With this supporting service, SMEs or Ninja Xpress shippers can send large quantities of goods at a competitive cost from and to anywhere in the world”. 

Ninja Xpress also supports the needs of SMEs and large businesses across industries who are seeking efficient, cost-effective import and export services. We provide unparalleled Pre-Clearance service and ensures seamless goods transportation by identifying potential document deficiencies in advance, enabling clients to complete their import paperwork prior to entering Indonesia. This proactive approach not only streamlines the shipping process but also minimizes additional expenses and maximizes time efficiency. Meanwhile, information about the Cross Border Delivery and Freight Forwarding services can also be accessed on

Published on 09 Jun 2023
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