Ninja Van Thailand and SABUY Group ink new agreement to expand partnership

Move will strengthen existing relationships to meet the needs of Ninja Van Thailand users and employees

Bangkok, Thailand – 25 August 2022: –  Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, joins forces with SABUY Group once again, to roll out a list of initiatives. These initiatives include setting up Ninja Van Thailand as one of the delivery services for Lock SABUY – a storage locker service, installing vending machines under the Vending Plus brand in all of Ninja Van Thailand’s stations and warehouses to improve team productivity and keep the employees happy, and appointing the Group as a workforce recruitment broker during peak seasons. Not only that, SABUY Maxi is also appointed as Ninja Van Thailand’s broker handling insurance in Thailand and Malaysia. The partnership is expected to further strengthen existing relationships to meet the needs of Ninja Van Thailand users and employees.

According to Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, “Following our partnership with SABUY Group last year, our shippers were able to access our services from private postal services via SABUY group’s wide network, driving our commitment to provide a hassle-free experience for all our users. This year, we continue our partnership with SABUY Group by joining their renowned ecosystem. This includes appointing SABUY Maxi as our insurance brokerage company, offering insurance products with reasonable and cost-effective conditions, coverage and premium rates at a special price as well as  other benefits to Ninja Van and its employees in Thailand and Malaysia.”

Preparations are now being made to offer delivery service of baggage from storage lockers at selected BTS stations and the airportwith Lock SABUY.  The public  can  enjoy not only luggage storage with these lockers but also use them to tap on Ninja Van services to deliver such baggage or parcels to other cities in Thailand.

In addition, SABUY Alliance under SABUY Group has been appointed to recruit workforce for Ninja Van Thailand during peak e-commerce shopping seasons to help cope with the huge amount of parcels during this period. To provide convenience to its employees and increase employee’s productivity, Ninja Van Thailand has installed vending machines under the Vending Plus brand to serve employees in all Ninja Van distribution centers and warehouses throughout Thailand.

“Currently, Ninja Van Thailand has a total of 16,160 pick up and drop offs with 6 drop-off stores under SABUY Speed. We are committed to providing a hassle-free experience to all our shippers and help them grow their business through our tech-enabled logistics  support, easy issue resolution and other valued-added services within our eco- system,” said Mr. Pierce.

With regard to the various partnerships between Ninja Van Thailand and SABUY Group, Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje, Chief  Executive Officer, SABUY Technology Public Co., Ltd., said in conclusion, “The first collaboration with Ninja Van Thailand was a success and a significant step towards establishing trust and confidence with our users. Having Ninja Van Thailand’s services offered at more than 14,300 branches under 6 stores by SABUY Speed including ShipSmile service, Plus Express, Payspost, The Letter Post, Point Express and Speedy has also received positive feedback. We look forward to continuing the partnership, together with all our subsidiaries, and are poised to actively support our partners in every way.  This is one of the undertakings that SABUY Ecosystem has planned to extend every convenience and comfort towards business partners, customers as well as the general public. After all, we want everyone to enjoy a comfortable life with technology and lifestyle provided by SABUY.”


About Ninja Van Thailand

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions of all sizes across Southeast Asia in 6 countries:  Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. In Thailand, we are dedicated to providing assistance and resources to better cater to the unique needs and wants of both small and large scale shippers alike – SME partners in particular.  Ninja Van Thailand’s priority is to take the hassle out of the parcel delivery so that our shippers can focus on their business growth. For more information, please visit

About SABUY Technology Public Company Limited or “SABUY”

SABUY Technology Public Co., Ltd., an all-aspect technology company and aggregator, owned and operated by Thais, and architect of commerce platforms to deliver lifestyle enhancement and enriched living through Health, Wealth, Work, Leisure and understanding of People through the following six main business groups –

  1. Payments and Wallet:  Payment service and electronics financial system
  2. Enterprise & Life: Service catering towards enterprises and lifestyle with understanding of consumer behaviour
  3. Connext: Distribution channels and connection with groups of all customer types
  4. Financial Inclusion: Credit service and insurance
  5. InnoTainment:  Media innovation, digital media and networks
  6. Venture:  Investments to support sustainable growth.

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Published on 25 Aug 2022
Tags: Thailand

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