Encouraging the Young Generation to Recycle Cardboard Waste, Ninja Xpress Together with “Beri Harapan Indonesia” Holds A Box of Hope

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 29 MAY 2023  – As a form of commitment to continue the waste recycling program originating from online business activities, Ninja Xpress in collaboration with Beri Harapan Indonesia, a social organization engaged in helping and empowering community groups with underprivileged and economically vulnerable lives, held the A Box of Hope event at Jovin Smart School, in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. This event invites young people (aged 10-15 years) to utilize used cardboard packages into new products in an effort to realize sustainable living through several activities, from seminars, cardboard recycling competitions to charity and #SatuKotakSejutaKebahagiaan campaign.

Based on a survey conducted by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), 72% of people in Indonesia do not care about waste. This is certainly a challenge for the government and all groups to overcome the waste problem. The government set a target of Indonesia Clean Waste in 2025 (100% of waste is well managed). This target is measured through waste reduction by 30%, and waste management by 70%.

In line with government targets, Ninja Xpress is committed to environmentally responsible logistics practices by expanding the waste collection movement. A Box of Hope is not limited to raising awareness of the waste problem among the younger generation, but also aims to empower economically vulnerable communities through seminars and workshops on recycling used cardboard into new products of value and use, which can later become one of the sustainable business ideas.

Andi Djoewarsa, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ninja Xpress said, “We invited shippers in Jakarta, Tangerang, and West Java, as well as Ninja Xpress employees in the Jabodetabek area to collect cardboard waste with Kamibox. From the results of these activities, this time Ninja Xpress invites the younger generation to learn together to recycle used cardboard into new products that can be reused. Ninja Xpress believes that the younger generation has an important role in initiating change for the better. Therefore, the younger generation has a role and responsibility to #MenunjukkanKepedulian for various hot issues in the community, one of which is related to the problem of cardboard waste.”

Ninja Xpress together with Beri Harapan Indonesia provided school supplies for Jovin Smart School students in the form of textbooks, notebooks, picture books, school stationery, and school kits packed in cardboard boxes. Besides encouraging the reading interest of the younger generation and commemorating World Children’s Book Day, information on the negative impact of cardboard waste, examples of implementing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and ways to implement the 3Rs were also provided to encourage sustainable living. Not only that, the 45 cardboard packages that were used to wrap the donations will be used for a competition to recycle cardboard into reusable handicrafts.

Kirey, Director of Business and Communication at Beri Harapan Indonesia said, “With A Box of Hope, we hope that the children who participate in this activity can understand the importance of sustainability in Indonesia. In this activity, we will not only educate the children on how to protect the environment, but also help them understand the importance of realizing sustainable living for the future.”

On the same occasion, Jovin, Founder of Smart School expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the A Box of Hope activity, organized by Ninja Xpress and Beri Harapan Indonesia.

“We would like to thank our partners for organizing the A Box of Hope activity. This activity gives a deep impression, especially for the children here. And please come here again if you have time. We are open to anyone who wants to come here,” said Jovin.

Published on 29 May 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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