Ninja Van Philippines expands logistics services to boost MSME growth

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 20 April 2023 – In a bid to support the nation’s efforts to develop the logistics sector and promote the growth of local MSMEs, Ninja Van Philippines has rolled out Logistics+, a suite of supply chain management solutions for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Southeast Asia.

Beyond last mile deliveries, Logistics+ by Ninja Van aims to help MSMEs navigate the complex and ever-changing networks of suppliers, manufacturing partners, transportation providers, and financial service providers. With Logistics+ solutions, MSMEs can focus on their businesses and reimagine their potential. 

Powering international e-commerce

More than 30,000 MSMEs across Southeast Asia are already benefiting from Logistics+ solutions, which include warehousing and fulfillment, international cargo transportation, procurement support, and cross-border payment solutions.

Ninja Fulfillment provides merchants with end-to-end warehousing and fulfillment capabilities, particularly for MSMEs that would otherwise be limited by a lack of warehousing and inventory storage facilities. These capabilities cover regular inbound, storage, outbound, and returns services, as well as customized warehouse management solutions, that can all be easily integrated with the merchants’ chosen marketplaces. 

Beyond regular picking, packing, and sorting, Ninja Fulfillment also provides value-added services like unstuffing, kitting and bundling, and custom packaging while allowing same-day handover to Ninja Van’s last mile services to further cut the time from inbounding to delivery. 

Ninja Cross Border, meanwhile, offers international cargo transportation by land, air, and sea. Ninja Cross Border can also tailor end-to-end solutions to serve shippers’ B2B and B2C needs by leveraging the Ninja Van Group’s established presence and network in Southeast Asia and China. In the Philippines, Ninja Cross Border enables Filipino shoppers to make hassle-free purchases from e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, TikTok Shop, Amazon, SHEIN, and other global brands. 

Ninja Direct provides an end-to-end procurement solution for SMEs across the region with a focus on high reliability and attractive rates. As part of the service, dedicated account managers will assist customers in managing all aspects of their upstream logistics, including comprehensive supplier management and negotiations, payments, cross-border logistics, and customs clearance.

Ninja Financial Services facilitates cross-border payments, and offers embedded financing options with flexible payment terms to support shippers’ business needs.

Reliable partner for future-proof businesses

Amid the constant growth and change in the logistics and supply chain sectors Ninja Van Philippines continues to help future-proof businesses of all sizes. “We want to go beyond last mile deliveries and provide complete logistics solutions to take the hassle out of our shippers’ experience. As a regional player with a strong local thrust, we also want to help expand the Filipino MSMEs’ access to solutions that can help them unlock other opportunities,” shared Chief Commercial Officer Sabina Lopez-Vergara.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), around 99.5% of businesses operating in the country are MSMEs. These businesses make up a key segment that Ninja Van empowers through Logistics+.

Published on 20 Apr 2023

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