Ninja Van Thailand announces expansion plan in express logistics market

Targets to open 1,000 stores in 34 provinces throughout Thailand by mid of next year and seeks business partners to operate these Ninja Van Stores. 

Bangkok, Thailand – 9 December 2021: Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, launches a campaign to increase its market share in the express logistics market in Thailand by seeking business partners to open Ninja Van parcel pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) stores. As part of the company’s expansion plans to future-proof its volume growth trajectory, Ninja Van Thailand aims to cover three regions in 34 provinces with a target of 1,000 stores by mid-2022. Not only that, Ninja Van Thailand is expected to open a new warehouse by mid-2022 to keep up with the ever-growing e-commerce industry. 

It has also set up special teams to handle the increase in parcel delivery volume, estimated to be 30% more than usual, due to the upcoming 12.12 Christmas and New Year holiday online shopping. 

According to Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, “The e-commerce and logistics industries have experienced an immense growth due to the increase in consumers’ spending on online shopping during the spread of COVID-19. Ninja Van Thailand experienced an increase of 40% in its parcel delivery business while the increase in all of Asia was by 100%. It is expected to keep increasing next year as e-commerce continues to grow and become number one in the trading business as the world faces the challenges of COVID-19.” 

In keeping with the ever-changing consumer behavior and the year-end increase in 12.12 Christmas and New Year holiday spending, resulting in the hike of 30% in parcel delivery volume than usual, Ninja Van Thailand is planning to increase the number of PUDO points to support the increasing customers’ demands and to ease the concerns for logistics for online business retailers. 

The company is seeking business partners in three different types of parcel delivery:

1. Ninja Point – a PUDO point that offers a full service as a sole owner or as a franchisee; 

2. Ninja Home – a drop-off point only. It does not have to be a full-service facility and the partner is only required to display a Ninja Van drop-off signage and provide Ninja Van official labels, and 

3. Ninja Home Plus – a drop-off point that is available to receive all parcels including non-Ninja Van labels and also from customers who have not registered with Ninja Van. 

“At present, we have a total of 150 parcel delivery PUDO stores in central, western and eastern regions,” said Mr. Ng. “Starting from January next year, we are planning to open up to 1,000 stores in these three regions to cover 34 provinces within the proximity of Bangkok as most of our online retailers are located in or around Bangkok, which will save our customers the costs of transport. In addition, the company plans to increase the number of PUDO points in other regions of the country to meet the target of 2,000 stores by the end of 2022, beginning with the northeast, the north and the southern regions respectively.” 

“Those interested in a partnership with Ninja Van Thailand can apply via our Facebook, Call Centre or LINE Official account. Currently, we have over 1,000 interested applicants.” 

Aside from increasing the number of PUDO points, Ninja Van Thailand has also hired 20% more part-time staff in anticipation of the growing number of parcel deliveries during the holiday season, and offering incentives to its operations teams from the riders, drivers to warehouse staff. This year’s 12.12 online shopping campaign will see over 1 million pieces of parcels arriving at the company’s warehouse as compared to last year’s figure which was slightly above 900,000 pieces. 

In addition, Ninja Van Thailand is organizing a “Happy End of the Year Giving” campaign. Expect free gifts on Facebook as well as deals and promotions for both our customers and shoppers. For the month of December 2021, SME customers will enjoy our “20 baht only promotion” when you ship parcels weighing less than 3 kilos with Ninja Van Thailand. 

“We are committed to help our customers grow their businesses by providing them with technological support, personal customer service, real-time tracking to facilitate easier and more efficient shipping logistics. Not only that, we also roll out special promotions on a continual basis to our SME customers to support their business growth. In preparation for the growth in e-commerce, the company is opening a new warehouse with a sorting facility by June 2022. Spanning 35 rais, the new warehouse can handle more than 800,000 parcels per day. We believe that with our experience and expertise in the express logistics business that covers not only Thailand but all of Southeast Asia, Ninja Van will be the answer to all our customers’ logistics needs that will contribute to our success as a company,” said Mr. Ng.

Published on 09 Dec 2021
Tags: Thailand

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