Baby products lead trending items to sell in 2021: Ninja Van

MANILA, Philippines (21 January 2021) — With 2 million Filipino babies expected to be born this year, it goes without saying that baby products will be selling like hotcakes. And with the pandemic nowhere near waning, online stores will be the go-to for the soon-to-be parents.

Ecommerce will continue to grow in the Philippines, with online selling platforms and social media selling almost anything and everything that the country’s biggest malls could offer. With almost a year in lockdown, more and more Filipinos have resorted to online shopping to find, and buy, what they need — from groceries, hygiene products, and even the latest cakes. Ninja Van Philippines, one of the fastest growing logistics providers in the country and an ecommerce partner, released a study on what products would be in demand for this year.

  1. Baby Products
    The expected baby boom this year, as projected by the Population Commission, will trigger a surge in demand for baby products. And with parents being extra careful, it would be safe to assume that they would be going online for their baby’s needs, whether it’s the basic diapers or the most technologically advanced feeding bottle.
  2. Pre-loved Items
    With most people on work from home for extended periods, it seems that everyone went into a spring cleaning spree. Troves of pre-loved and barely used items were discovered and are being put up on sale for cheap!
  3. Hygiene Kits
    Gone are the days when lugging a jug of 70% isopropyl alcohol was acceptable. As the public settled in on the fact that there is no end in sight yet for the pandemic, they also embraced the new necessities for daily life. Protective face masks are now more stylish and personalized and hand sanitizers come in cute and handier pocket containers.
  4. Beachwear
    You can take the Filipino out of the beach but you can’t take the beach out of the Filipino. With lockdown measures easing, Filipinos cooped out in their homes for the past 10 months would be trooping to the beach resorts this summer or inflate a plastic pool in the backyard.
  5. Cooking Essentials
    If there is one thing that the lockdown taught a lot of Filipinos, it is how to prepare dinner with the right cookware and putting mom’s china to use. It’s not enough that the food is delicious, it has to be picture-perfect, too!
  6. Gym Equipment
    Getting a good sweat doesn’t have to be fancy. And while gyms are already open, some people just wouldn’t risk it yet. Finally, that empty space in the garage is now put to good use. These are just some of the online selling trends identified in a study by Ninja Van Philippines. The study was conducted to help small and medium enterprises adapt to the fast-paced ever-changing ecommerce landscape.

More than a logistics provider, Ninja Van Philippines is a reliable partner of SMEs in making sure that their products reach its destinations on time and in the most cost-efficient manner. For more details on the 2021 Online Selling Trends of Ninja Van Philippines, visit

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Published on 21 Th1 2021

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