Ninja Van Thailand Introduces Online Therapy Sessionsto Support Work From Home Teams

Bangkok, Thailand – 8 July 2021 – As working from home (WFH) becomes the ‘New Normal’ for employees across Thailand the hidden cost of this new way of working is often mental health. Isolation from colleagues, increased pressure of having to work alone, and long hours and days spent at home can cause unfamiliar stresses for people, whether you’re an experienced member of the team, or a new graduate taking the first steps of their career.

To protect its employees, leading Southeast Asian logistics provider Ninja Van Thailand introduced confidential online therapy support to give its staff an outlet to express their concerns and fears during these uncertain times.

Although WFH has been embraced by Ninja Van Thailand’s workforce, taking full advantage of being a technology-enabled company, it can affect communications channels and be a barrier to collaboration between people and teams. Importantly, it can also amplify loneliness and disengagement from the office, and this also affects the learning and development of

However, Ninja Van Thailand’s online therapy service means employees now have the opportunity to arrange an appointment to speak anonymously to a mental health professional via a video or phone call or by text, helping them easily access expert support when they most need. Employees can also take a burn out test, which measure factors like employee stress or depression on a scale from 1 to 10. This is especially helpful to people who may not feel comfortable discussing their concerns. Online seminars about WFH stress have also been arranged for employees to join via a live platform, or accessing
a recording of the session when they have available time.

Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer, Ninja Van Thailand, said, “We place considerable focus on our employees and we believe that each employee is significant to the organization. During the COVID-19 situation, we must be sure that all employees are safe by allowing them to Work From Home. It’s essential that as an organization we also focus on employee well-being
during these times, as increased stress has many effects. In fact, we’ve found many people discuss non-work related stresses and our online therapy sessions have been an important outlet for them.”

In addition to wellness support, Ninja Van Thailand has covered additionallifestyle expenses to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance during the past year. Electricity bill allowance and recreation costs, such as monthly memberships for Netflix, Spotify, Youtube premium, Tinder gold or fitness memberships have been supported by the company.

“These additional welfare compensation measures are provided to our employees because they are the most important element in our business growth,” added Pierce.

As the ecommerce market in Thailand grows as shopping habits adapt to a pandemic-stricken world, Ninja Van Thailand plans to double the number of employees compared to last year.

“The way we communicate with both existing and new employees shows that actions speak louder than words. We demonstrate this through the welfare benefits we provide and this helps us build trust with employees to make
them confident that being part of Ninja Van can be key to helping them build a stable work-life balance. We are an organization that seeks to provide happiness in our working lives with modern welfare benefits for all of our employees. Looking after our employees is critical to helping our business develop and grow, and become the leading logistics provider in Thailand,” Pierce concluded.

Published on 08 Th7 2021

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