Ninja Van Thailand invests more than THB 100 million in 2022 marketing activities, launches a new advertising campaign titled “The Rubber Ring Man”

Reinforces the brand’s commitment to hassle-free deliveries

Targets 200% growth in express parcel delivery

Bangkok, Thailand 17 February 2022: – Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, is investing more than THB 100 million in its 2022 marketing activities, starting with the launch of the “Rubber Ring Man” advertising campaign. The advertising campaign aims to reinforce the brand’s commitment to worry-free services, coverage for lost or damaged parcels, next-day cash on delivery transfer, and competitive prices. 

As part of the expansion plan to ensure speedy deliveries, Ninja Van Thailand will look at adding up to 200 distribution centres, 2,000 PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off) points by year end and a 200% rise in its express parcel delivery in line with the growth in the e-commerce industry. 

According to Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer, Ninja Van Thailand, “Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia in six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. In Thailand, we have been operating for more than six years. Within the next ten years, it is estimated that half of the world’s economic growth will come from the Asian region driven by the digital economy. This includes a great number of fast-growing mobile first, digitally first companies established in Asia. For example, the concepts of super-app/live streaming retail/short videos like TikTok, all originated from Asia and are now widely adopted across the world. It is believed that 50% of economic growth in Asia will come from e-commerce which will directly impact the logistics industry.”

“In Thailand, the e-commerce market is expected to grow steadily, by at least 30% year on year ever since the Covid-19 pandemic significantly changed consumer behaviour. Comparing Thailand to advanced markets like China which has achieved 25% in the e-commerce industry, we see that the total e-commerce retail sales in Thailand is currently at only 10%. Therefore, there are still plenty of opportunities for growth. We also believe that parcel delivery services in Thailand will remain in high demand. For example, at the onset of Covid-19, we witnessed a threefold hike in parcel delivery volume. At present, despite the decreasing rates in the number of infections, the parcel volume has not dropped but remains steady and is expected to increase even further.” 

Mr. Pierce Ng added, “This year we aim to expand our presence in the market and are investing more than THB 100 million in launching the marketing activities that cater to the unique needs and wants of all customers, small and large scale alike – SMEs in particular. We increase our work force in operation by 120%. We will be using all technologies available to augment all service delivery efficiencies and operate 365 days. Not only that, we will also be expanding our distribution centres with the opening of 200 additional distribution centres, focusing on the North, Northeast and the South regions, and 2,000 new PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off) points by year end. Apart from that, we are launching a new advertising campaign titled “The “Rubber Ring Man” featuring entertainment industry frontliner Woody Milintachinda as our first brand presenter to elevate the brand to become top-of-mind amongst consumers. With these plans in place, we are confident that our parcel volume growth in 2022 will be at least 200%.” 

Mr. Prakartkiet Sirion, Director of Marketing, Ninja Van Thailand, said, “The “Rubber Ring Man” advertising campaign was born from the pain points experienced by customers such as worries about delayed deliveries, loss or damage of parcels, and expensive fees. The concept of the commercial is a play on the word “worry” or “huong” in Thai, which also means hoop or ring or inflatable tubes used at beaches or swimming pools. The “huong” or inflatable rubber rings symbolize worries that shippers have when sending parcels.” 

This advertising campaign is aimed at fortifying Ninja Van as a brand that understands all types of customers; and that Ninja Van is poised to provide the following hassle and worry-free services based on its 4 brand attributes to boost confidence in the Ninja Van brand, in other words, to remove once and for all such worries or “rings” when using Ninja Van parcel delivery services: – 

Delivery within one day guaranteed 

Up to THB 5,000 coverage for lost or damaged parcels 

Next-day Cash on Delivery transfer 

● Competitive price 

“The reason we have selected Woody as our first brand presenter is because he is a well-known and very popular talk show host who enjoys a huge following with widespread appeal in attracting “fans” from all age groups. He exudes a strong personality and does not hesitate to share bold opinions. He is also a successful businessman with a wide network of businesses and partners. He has millions of followers on various digital platforms. Woody is an active content creator constantly engaged with the online community. Last but not least, he is bursting with positive energy just like us which is a perfect match and will definitely enhance recognition and credibility of our brand.” 

Mr. Prakartkiet added, “Besides advertising via various channels to reach our target groups, Ninja Van billboards are going up around the country with the first phase focused in Bangkok, Greater Bangkok, Central, East and West regions, and by mid-2022, to be put up nationwide in the remaining North, Northeast and Southern regions. We are rolling out a series of interactive marketing and promotional campaigns throughout the year in order to encourage active and continuous customers and shippers participation. A huge lucky draw to attract new shippers to turn towards using the services of Ninja Van is being planned. Woody’s presence will add excitement to the upcoming debut of a new mobile application in Thailand scheduled for later this year. The number of touchpoints for our customers will be increased starting with a rapid expansion of Ninja Points and Ninja Homes (Pick up & Drop off Points), a Ninja Van hotline which will be launched within the month, live chat feature on our website, official LINE accounts, website landing pages are amongst many features to be unveiled.” 

Mr. Pierce Ng said in conclusion, “Despite COVID-19 pandemic playing havoc across the globe, Ninja Van’s experiences and expertise in the express logistics business that covers Thailand and all of Southeast Asia will be the answer to all its customers’ parcel delivery and logistics needs.”

Published on 17 Th2 2022

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