Ninja Xpress Partners with Kamibox To Recycle Up to 160,000kg of Waste

This collaboration realises Ninja Xpress’s promise to support responsible e-commerce

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 21 July 2022 – In the past 19 months, Ninja Xpress and Kamibox have collected up to 160,000kg of cardboard and sack waste for recycling. According to Kamibox, this waste collection and recycling effort with Ninja Xpress delivered results akin to saving more than 400 trees, reducing about 400 tons of carbon dioxide, reducing the need for more than 20,000m3 of Land for Final Disposal (TPA), and saving approx. 900,000kWh of energy as well as up to 11,000kl of water. 

In 2020, a study conducted by the Oceanographic Research Center and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Population Research Center showed that the majority of Jabodetabek residents’ online shopping activities during the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) and Work from Home (WFH) periods increased from five to 10 times a month. In 2021, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry noted that Indonesia’s national waste amounted to 68.5 tons. The contribution of waste from e-commerce is theorized to be sizable. 

Seeing this increase in the amount of waste potentially contributed by e-commerce, Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress says: “The impact of e-commerce on the environment needs attention and action from all players in the ecosystem. Recognizing that we can play a part in helping Indonesia with waste control, Ninja Xpress initiated the partnership with Kamibox two years ago. And now, we’re pleased to share the impact we’ve delivered.” 

Kamibox can transport around 500-800kg of cardboard and sacks in one pick-up to the Ninja Xpress warehouse every week. The collected waste will then be sent to a recycling plant to be produced into new cardboard sheets or sacks. 

Lie Mangkusatya, Director of Kamibox, expresses his appreciation for Ninja Xpress. “We are very happy that Ninja Xpress has taken responsibility for reducing environmental pollution by taking steps to reduce waste in a sustainable manner. With this collaboration, the waste that goes to the TPA will be reduced significantly. This is increasingly important especially since the TPA’s capacity is getting more and more limited.”

For SMEs and Ninja Xpress’s shoppers who want to save the environment by reducing household waste, Kamibox accepts waste in the form of cardboard, sacks, paper, plastic, glass bottles, and used cooking oil. Pick-ups can be done in the Jakarta area and parts of Tangerang with a minimum weight of 50kg. Waste, without a minimum weight, can also be delivered directly to the Kamibox warehouse in West Jakarta. 

In addition, SMEs who want to switch to environmentally friendly packaging can follow these 8 Recommendations for Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your Brand guide. 

To learn more about the Ninja COD service system, you can visit Ninja Xpress helps package delivery easily through direct pick-up by registering at or going directly to the nearest Ninja Point at

Published on 21 Th7 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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