Ninja Van Thailand On Track for Triple Volume Growth through 2021

Bangkok, Thailand – 29th July 2021 – Improved infrastructure, enhanced SME support, and a focus on assured service is driving Ninja Van Thailand to record triple volume growth in 2021, as Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider is on track to repeating its 2020 performance in Thailand which saw a 300% increase in shipments.

The tech-enabled express logistics company provides supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia, and Ninja Van Thailand focuses on supporting small businesses across the country as they switch to online commerce in the wake of the global pandemic. Ongoing restrictions and new shopping habits have seen Thai shoppers turn to buying online, with Thais making an average of one online purchase every two days.

During 2021, Ninja Van Thailand has invested in network infrastructure, customer support, and service system to improve operational excellence, and further developments are planned in the second half of the year.

“We aim to stand out as a logistics player, and from our ground surveys we believe that excellent customised servicing to our shippers and customers is one of the key success factors. For Ninja Van Thailand, this means making the same technology and support that large e-commerce specialists use available to the many new entrants into online trading, from small-and-medium enterprises to owner-operator businesses. We believe our approach will take the hassle out of delivering goods to their customers and allow them to focus on growing their online business,” said Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer, Ninja Van Thailand.

Ninja Van Thailand will boost parcel processing speed when a new 30-raiautomated Sort Centre opens in Q4 2021. The facility will be able to accommodate growth to 800,000 parcels a day and will enhance next day delivery coverage from Bangkok to central, west and eastern regions. An additional 100 regional and local distribution centres will be added to enable faster pick-up and deliveries across Thailand, and 200 drop off points added for shipper convenience. Ninja Van Thailand will add up to 1,000 new staff to provide support at distribution centres.

The company is also prioritising small business support by expanding fast-track dedicated account servicing support to a greater pool of customers, giving all businesses access to the technology and personnel support usually reserved for large volume clients. With this service expansion Ninja Van Thailand aims to help resolve issues more quickly and provide high quality service to all shippers, whatever their size. Live chat through LINE has also been added to make communications with customers and shippers more efficient.

Customer support is also being improved with further investment in issue escalation to streamline internal communication processes and prioritize the resolution of parcels which have had service failures.

As the ecommerce market in Thailand grows as shopping habits adapt to a pandemic-stricken world, Ninja Van Thailand plans to double the number of employees compared to last year.

“Already a fast-moving industry, e-commerce logistics has seen significant growth over the last two years, and using our experience across the region we are committed to further investing in Thailand and implementing systems that we know work to improve last mile delivery for every shipper and customer in Thailand,” added Pierce.

Published on 29 Jul 2021
Tags: Thailand

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