Ninja Van boosts Shipper support with launch of same-day claim service

Bangkok, Thailand – 26 October 2021: Ninja Van, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, is increasing support to millions of shippers around Thailand by introducing a Same Day Claim service to make it easier and faster for e-commerce merchants to recover costs of lost and damaged packages. Ninja Van’s same day claim service aims to speed up the claim process for shippers and ensure they are able to maintain better cashflow at all times, an essential part of growing a small business. 

The new service is part of Ninja Van’s goal of increasing support to SMEs, and works hand-in-hand with existing services such as having dedicated account support personnel. In the event a package is lost or damaged in transit Ninja Van customers can contact their account support personnel to help them complete the claims process. Once the shipper and Ninja Van agree on the decision, customers will be reimbursed the same day they complete and submit a claim form. 

“In a fast-paced and high volume business shippers often work on very tight budgets, and this is especially true of the entrepreneurs who have been attracted to online selling over the last year. We recognised this and believe that the introduction of our Same Day Claim service will give shippers peace of mind that we are taking care of them every step of the way – from when we collect their package until it is safely in the hands of

their customer. Along with our dedicated account support personnel service we believe we are offering next-level customer service to shippers across Thailand,” said Pierce Ng, Chief Operations Office, Ninja Van Thailand. 

Ninja Van shippers can contact their Ninja Van support personnel or the call center Claims must be made before 12pm to ensure same day reimbursement is made.

Published on 26 Oct 2021
Tags: Thailand

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