Ninja Van Thailand’s Dynamic Women Executives Reinforce Logistics Company’s Top Ranking in Thailand

International Women’s Day Tribute to Gender Equality in the Workplace 

Bangkok, Thailand, 4 March 2022: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, lauds three capable and dynamic female executives currently holding top positions and who have contributed significantly to the company’s ranking as one of Thailand’s foremost express parcel delivery service providers. 

A 15-year veteran in sales and marketing and trade relations development, Narisara Kongcharoensukying, Head of Commercial, Ninja Van Thailand, disclosed, “The logistics industry is extremely competitive due to the fast and continued growth in e-commerce by no less than 25% annually. This is what is called “Red Ocean”. So the challenge in working in this industry is to focus on establishing connections, building relationships with business partners, suppliers and customers to instill confidence amongst our target groups and further expand our customer base.” 

“In the past we concentrated on familiarising our partners in the marketplace about Ninja Van’s expertise and have succeeded in cementing strong relationships, which resulted in a 300% growth figure. This year, Ninja Van Thailand will continue with our efforts to keep our brand top of mind among customers and at the same time, expand and partner with other online commercial groups such as “Social Sellers”. Such goals open up opportunities for us to engage in aggressive marketing and other expansion plans to future-proof our growth trajectory, better support our customers and keep up with the demands of e-commerce. 

Touching upon the subject of gender inequality in a workplace, Narisara said, “Driving a company to achieve success and reach its pinnacle is irrelevant of gender. One only needs an opportunity to open up and using that opportunity to bring out one’s potential and strive to do your best. Ninja Van is an outcome-driven workplace where individuals thrive and their achievements are celebrated. ” 

Kamolux Isrankul Na Ayuthaya, Communications Manager, Ninja Van Thailand, another leading executive who has over 10 years’ of experience in communication and public relations, said. “Communicating about and building a new brand is quite a challenge. Ninja Van is a new start up company established in Thailand. Even though we are a leading logistics provider in Southeast Asia, we need to make ourselves known amongst our target audiences in Thailand, build confidence in our brand and our work ethics amidst the current intense competition. Image and credibility of the brand are of utmost importance. We therefore focus on the 3 Cs: Confidence, Creativity and Consistency.” 

“What is important is that we must possess Confidence in our ability and capability to do our job well, to use our experience and knowledge to successfully overcome challenges. Creativity is of course necessary to craft striking and memorable communication spins to bring attention to the brand and become talk-of-the-town. Equally important is Consistency. In order to gain confidence amongst the target group, we must be able to adapt the content to cater to them. Apart from promoting the brand, the communication material must also share the benefits of partnering with Ninja Van Thailand. ” 

“Nowadays, technologies are fast changing. We must equip ourselves with new communication tools and seek out relevant channels to best convey our message. For the first time, Ninja Van Thailand has invested more than 100 million baht in launching an advertising campaign with Woody Milintachinda, to enhance brand awareness. Woody will be the face of Ninja Van Thailand in various marketing activities. Another communication channel for broad awareness of the brand is putting up promotional billboards around the country as well as utilizing all social media platforms including our partners’ Facebook page, Live chat, Instagram and TikTok. We are confident this advertising campaign will reach a wide range of customers from our target groups.” 

“On a final note, I also strongly advocate gender equality in the workplace because each employee is judged purely and equally on one’s capability and achievements and not based on gender.” 

The third and last female executive of Ninja Van Thailand, Pornnipa Taotong, who holds the key position of Head of Finance and has 10 years’ experience, said “ My chief responsibility is to ensure a smooth realization of the targeted goal of the company without any hiccups. We grew 300% in parcel volume the past year, and this year an additional 200% growth is anticipated. This is where finance plays an important role in managing investments, company resources, capital, technology as well as human resources to support the company’s growth and go forward in the same direction.” 

“Ninja Van is a multinational company connected to a solid network in many Southeast Asia countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The company has a clear business goal and moves in the same direction as the entire region. The challenge is keeping outside influences under control and not letting them affect our work. There might be factors that could affect not only individual companies but also the whole industry. For example, shifting petrol prices, economic outlook of a country and the COVID-19 situation will directly impact us.” 

“We are currently engaged in getting our work force ready to operate for 356 days, further expand distribution centres and focus on using technology in financial transactions such as automation tools to ensure that Ninja Van Thailand is equipped to face any challenges and adapt to necessary changes in the future.” 

“The Finance Division is, needless to say, very important in a company. Cash flow is key in continuously supporting implementation of marketing strategies and business expansion for Ninja Van and of course tackling risks that may arise. Nowadays, society is more inclusive and we can have conversations about gender equality. We are more progressive and now the focus is on one’s value and ability, therefore, either gender can be equally successful in their work especially in a world driven by technology,” said Pornnipa in conclusion.

Published on 04 Mar 2022
Tags: Thailand

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