Ninja Direct: One Stop Procurement Solution to Help SMEs Provide Imported Raw Materials Easily from Ninja Xpress

Jakarta, 24 May 2022 – Understanding that there are still many SMEs/shippers who have difficulty in providing raw materials, especially imported ones, Ninja Xpress presents a one-stop procurement solution that is easy, profitable, and safe through Ninja Direct. 

Based on the results of a report by the DPD group with Ninja Xpress concerning E-Commerce Southeast Asia (SEA) Barometer Report 2021 – Uncovering SEA Online Shoppers and Delivery Preferences, it is known that more than half of respondents in Indonesia (52%) made purchases from foreign websites, most of whom stated to have done so several times. In addition to buying from within the SEA region, Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are becoming the most sought-after e-commerce

However, in reality, online buyers, especially shippers who buy raw materials for their stores from abroad, experience several difficulties in making transactions ranging from language constraints, difficulty finding trusted suppliers with quality raw materials, complicated cross-border trade regulations, to the difficulty of tracking shipping packages in real-time. This is supported by the data that show that only 28% of respondents from Indonesia argued that shipping/returning imported goods is easy and transparent. 

In response, Andi Djoewarsa, CMO of Ninja Xpress said, As a manifestation of Ninja Xpress’ commitment to understand the needs of shippers and to help shippers Deliver to the Doorstep, we present Ninja Direct which provides imported raw material procurement services with easier and hassle-free experience. Not only can they buy raw materials from abroad, but shippers or SMEs have the opportunity to sell their goods abroad through Ninja Direct as well.” 

Shippers can easily buy imported raw materials with user-friendly applications and Ninja Direct customer service which helps the end-to-end purchase process as needed. Ninja Direct also provides dedicated account managers who always accompany shippers in every process, from searching to shipping goods.

A large network of Ninja Direct suppliers in several countries can assist shippers in searching, purchasing, and delivering quality raw materials at competitive prices. The choice of payment schemes and systems is also flexible and can be adjusted to the wishes of the shipper. 

Reflecting on the same report that 56% of Indonesian respondents wanted to choose a shipping company that could guarantee security and 51% wanted a company that could provide insurance, Ninja Direct guarantees goods that are shipped as ordered and safely arrive at the destination. 

Furthermore, Ninja Direct provides three types of services, namely Buy for You, Find for You, and Ship for You. Buy for You is a special service for shippers who already know what to buy and want Ninja Direct to process the purchase and delivery of the goods. Find for You is for shippers who do not know which supplier to buy from, so Ninja Direct will provide quality supplier recommendations at competitive prices. Ship for You is for shippers who have ordered items but have difficulty finding a reliable delivery service. Shippers can get Ninja Direct service by joining at 

Published on 24 May 2022
Tags: Indonesia

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