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JAKARTA, INDONESIA, NOVEMBER 16th 2022– Management trainee programmes are designed to find new talents for managerial position placement. Even though they are called trainees, those who are accepted into this position will be given salaries like full-time employees. This position is the target of fresh graduates who do not have much experience but they have a good career path. Ninja Xpress as a technology-based logistics company, regularly opens management trainee positions with a limited quota in each cohort to find new talents through Ninja Xcceleration program

Here are five things you need to know if you are interested to become a Ninja Xpress management trainee: 

1. You Do Not Need to Have a Background From the Same Industry We do not look for candidates who only come from a transportation and logistics educational background. 

All graduates from different majors can apply to become a management trainee at Ninja Xpress. We are looking for future leaders from the programme, not just specific operational knowledge or expertise. 

2. You Do Not Need to Have Experience 

We look for fresh graduates who do not have work experience or only have a maximum of two years of experience. Fresh graduates are easier to shape according to the wishes of the recruiting company because they have not been influenced by other values and interests from their previous workplace/s. Therefore, companies can create leaders who were born within the company. 

3. You Do Not Need to Come from an overseas University 

This one is often a hot topic in the recruitment of any position. Companies are looking for quality characters who want to develop themselves, regardless of where they graduate. Therefore, for those of you who graduate from domestic universities, do not be pessimistic. You have the same opportunities as those who graduate from universities abroad. 

One of the management trainee graduates, Nadiyah Anna F, who now works as Head of Ops Planning and Growth at Ninja Xpress, said, “At first I felt insecure because when I met my friends, many of them graduated from foreign universities. While I only graduated from a domestic university. But it turns out that I was able to graduate from the progarmme because I’ve got a great mentor who brought out my potential.”

4. Hold a Sense of Self-Development 

According to Karina Shannon, Employer Branding of Ninja Xpress, she said that, “We are looking for candidates with a propensity for self-development. Those who want to develop themselves need to have a broad mindset because they will meet many stakeholders, and the most important thing is to hold a leadership spirit. In accordance with the spirit of the Ninja Xpress management trainee program, #PemimpinPerubahan, their leadership skills will be honed. They must have the courage to lead many people because after graduation, they will immediately occupy the position of minimally an assistant manager level.” 

5. Through Strict Selection 

In regard with coaching, mentors in management trainee programs are usually top-level management who are experienced. Candidates can learn business strategies, industry trends, workflows, operational management, marketing, and many more soft skills and hard skills. In addition to a long selection process including a CV and introductory video, essay writing, and psychological tests, they are also given a business case which had to be completed in just two days before they proceed to the next round. 

This strict selection process helps to get the best personnel from all the existing candidates. Azzahra Sweta, Central Warehouse Manager for Ninja Xpress, shared her impressions of joining as a management trainee, “We started from the one-on-one interview, moved on to focus group discussions, and then to the final presentation which was attended by C-Levels. All candidates were thoroughly reviewed. The advantage is that I can strengthen my leadership skills to lead not only a small team but also up to 2,000 people.” 

Maria Octasya, CHRO Ninja Xpress said, “The overall learning prospects of the logistics business are very wide open for the candidates who will be selected. They will learn comprehensively in the field of operations as the backbone of logistics companies, explore the field of commercials in order to map suitable shipper / customer candidates, and get to know the team at business partners better so that they know how to work that complements each other. In addition to all that, of course, they will also be equipped with training and assessment to get to know their competence better.” 

Maria also added, “After graduating from this program, they will become junior managers in the field of interest. That’s why we’re looking for someone who is tough, works wholeheartedly, and is a team player.” 

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Published on 16 Nov 2022
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