Ninja Xpress Seller Booster Service Helps Optimize SME Sales During Ramadan 2023 

Services such as live selling, endorsement, and product photos & videos at the Creative Hub are additional Ninja Xpress services to support SMEs during Ramadan.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 12 MAY2023 – Ninja Xpress, a leading technology-based delivery service company in Indonesia recorded an increase in shipments of more than 30% during the Ramadan period in 2023 compared to the same period on normal days. In addition, during Ramadan, the Ninja Xpress Seller Booster service consisting of Creative Business Solutions also supports SMEs through live selling, endorsements, and product photos and videos at Creative Hub. This service is believed to help SMEs increase their sales during Ramadan this year. 

Andi Djoewarsa, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ninja Xpress said, “Along with the increasing acceleration of digital transformation, our shippers and SMEs entrust their business marketing innovation to Ninja Xpress through our Seller Booster service. This service is here to help shippers grow their businesses by providing marketing solutions. As a delivery service company, Ninja Xpress also recorded an increase in the number of shipments compared to normal days.Special thanks to our drivers and riders who have worked tirelessly during this period to ensure that all packages are received on time. In addition, during Ramadan until Eid al-Fitr, our customer service remained fully operational to provide fast response and the right resolution for every shipper’s needs.” 

Ninja Xpress Shipping Record 

Based on Ninja Xpress’s records, more than 90% of the packages sent by Ninja Xpress in the 2023 Ramadan period were small packages (a maximum size of 20x11x7cm). These packages are mostly cosmetics, fashion accessories such as clothes, watches, glasses, shoes and others. The other package type categories are divided into medium packages (30x20x12cm) and large packages (35x30x20cm), which also had an increase of more than 10% this Ramadan. 

During Ramadan this year, shippers from the provinces of DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Central Java made the most shipments. Meanwhile, the provinces of DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Central Java will be the most destination areas for shipments during Ramadan 2023. 

The Ninja Xpress Seller Booster service is ready to help shippers run business operations from start to finish (end-to-end solution), so they can be more cost-efficient while helping to upgrade. Shippers can utilize this service to help adopt the latest sales trends, such as live selling, endorsements, and creating professional product photos and videos to increase sales. 

Ninja Xpress Seller Booster Spesial Ramadan

Gita, Marketplace Specialist of PT Ethix Distribusi Nusantara, a Ninja Xpress’ shipper, said the Ninja Xpress Seller Booster service, especially live selling, helps resolve challenges faced during the live selling process. 

“We have used the live selling services from Ninja Xpress, to livesell our two herbal products – Freshmag and Etawalin. We have used other vendors for live selling but chose to switch vendors because Ninja Xpress provides a suite of live selling support such as professional hosts, and a real studio instead of a green screen, so the results are better and more satisfying. In fact, our sales increased with a percentage of 10:80,” explained Gita. 

Other shippers, Mafa Co and Ghazmart, which are Ninja Xpress shippers that use product photos and endorsement facilities from Ninja Xpress Seller Booster Service, also experienced a significant increase in product orders during Ramadan. 

“We used the product photos and videos services by Ninja Xpress’ Creative Hub for our advertising on Facebook Ads. We have seen a better click-through rate (CTR) and an increase in sales . Even during Ramadan, product sales increased significantly by at least 100-200 shipments, compared to the usual 100 shipments,” said Yadi, owner of Mafa Co. 

Owner of Ghazmart, Faza Triawan, owner of Ghazmart, echoed Yadi’s sentiments. According to him, the endorsement service from Ninja Xpress helps to increase branding and sales of their products. 

“Our product sales are increasing every month. One of the factors is because we use endorsements from Ninja Xpress. Through endorsements, our products are increasingly recognized. We have also partnered with famous influencers to create content that can be used for advertising on social media,” explained Faza.

Published on 12 May 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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