Ninja Van Thailand joins the Department of Business Development to organize free online e-commerce course for SMEs

“The ‘Super Value Pack” e-commerce online course is designed to equip shippers with cost-effective and secure packaging techniques through a comprehensive sharing session.

Bangkok, Thailand, 15 May 2023Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, is participating in a roadshow and offering a free online class hosted by the Department of Business Development under the Ministry of Commerce, as part of its commitment to providing support for SMEs. The online course titled “Super Value Pack” will be conducted on May 23, 2023 via Zoom. Through this course, SME and One Tambon One Product (OTOP) entrepreneurs and online retailers will learn how to pack their parcels in a cost-effective and secure manner, ensuring that shoppers will receive their parcels in tip-top condition. The class will be taught by Komgrit Poonsawad, Field Sales (Aggregator) Vice President, Ninja Van Thailand.

Mr. Pierce Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Ninja Van Thailand, said “Ninja Van Thailand remains committed to assisting and supporting the SME and OTOP entrepreneurs and online retailers. Ninja Van is more than just a logistics provider as we look to supercharge our shippers’ business growth beyond logistics. One such way is through knowledge sharing, where we help our shippers enhance their knowledge, skills and business capabilities through a range of activities. Seminars, workshops and online training classes, in partnership with Ninja Van’s network of alliances to ensure that our shippers and partners have the tools they need to succeed.”

“Being part of the Department of Business Development programme and launching its  3rd online marketing class, has given us the opportunity to share our knowledge and techniques on professional packaging to ensure that parcels are efficiently, safely and cost-effectively delivered to customers. ”

Mr. Thosapol Thangsubutr, Director of the Department of Business Development, said “This activity, undertaken in collaboration with Ninja Van Thailand and over eight e-commerce partners, is a private sector initiative aimed at bolstering Thai SMEs, OTOP entrepreneurs, and online retailers who form the backbone of the country’s economy. The initiative seeks to help these entrepreneurs become “ready, adaptable, and transformative” by helping them shift their business models and marketing strategies from offline to online and gain a better understanding of the evolving consumer behavior to better serve their customers. In doing so, they can quickly adapt to changes and seize opportunities, which is crucial for the survival and long-term sustainability of their businesses.”

The “Super Value Pack” online course is free of charge! and will be conducted via Zoom on May 23, 2023 from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Those interested can click here to register for the course starting from May 23, 2023 onwards.

Published on 17 May 2023
Tags: Thailand

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