Ninja Van Singapore Opens Its Largest Automated Hub

Spanning 80,000 square feet, this warehouse is Ninja Van’s biggest yet and is poised to handle the year-end parcel volume spike

Singapore (28 October 2021) Ninja Van Singapore, a local tech-enabled express logistics company, has unveiled its new automated hub located at Yio Chu Kang. The new hub – spanning 80,000 square feet – is part of Ninja Van’s expansion plan to future-proof its volume growth trajectory. 

“We started sourcing for a new warehouse last July in anticipation of the year-on-year parcel volume growth. With the increasing demand for express delivery, we wanted to ensure that our infrastructure was able to process parcels faster and safer for our customers. The automated hub, equipped with our new sorting machinery, is in line with our plans to enhance our express delivery capabilities,” said Ray Chou, Country Head of Ninja Van Singapore.

Automation at the Heart of The New Hub 

The end-of-year parcel volumes show a steady increase, with a significant spike from 2019 to 2020, due to the emergence of the monthly double-digit shopping festivals.

COVID-19 has fuelled the surge in online shopping. Like individual customers, e-commerce sellers now expect faster deliveries and lower parcel damage rates — all at lower prices. 

To live up to these forecasted expectations, Ninja Van Singapore has invested in customised automated sorting belts to speed up the sorting process and ensure safer handling of parcels. With the two belts spanning three-quarters the length of the warehouse, the new hub is expected to handle three times more parcels per hour than the existing processing hub. 

Armed with a sorting accuracy of up to 99.9%, the belts sort parcels into the final delivery zone with a single scan. This significantly speeds up the overall process by reducing the sorting time required for each parcel before it gets pushed out for delivery. 

“Labour is a critical element of any logistics model. Automation breaks the trade-off between labour costs and our service levels, allowing us to offer faster delivery while being cost-efficient. We estimate that our automation investment will help to decrease manpower by more than 55% by 2025. The improved automation also minimises the risk of parcel damage, as it reduces the number of human touch points required to sort a parcel,” Mr. Chou said. 

Leveraging the Power of Technology-Enabled Logistics 

“Fantastic Service Recovery” is another key pillar of Ninja Van’s tech-enabled logistics narrative. It comprises a new ecosystem involving the launch of new cloud products and processes to efficiently resolve parcel-related issues. 

One of the key products in this ecosystem is NinjaChat, a social messaging based platform with live-chat functionality to provide users with a quick and simple way to raise and resolve issues. 

Users are able to interact with Ninja Van and receive notifications that enable them to track their orders at every step of the delivery process through a social messaging app of their choice. 

Delivering Beyond Logistics to Grow with Our Shippers 

On top of providing safe and fast parcel delivery, Ninja Van also aims to deliver beyond logistics solutions to its shippers. 

Lovet, a popular local fashion online retailer, has reaped the benefits of the Ninja Rewards program. They are currently holding Platinum status, the highest reward tier in this program which incentivises shippers to clock their shipping volume and exchange the accumulated points for different prizes. 

“Ninja Rewards program is value-for-money, as we get to redeem rebates to cut down on our shipping costs. Shopping vouchers can be redeemed as well to reward my team as incentives for their hard work. Ninja Van also provides opportunities for us to collaborate with other brands within their network. We truly value the partnership with Ninja Van, and would recommend it to other shippers looking to scale their businesses,” shared Lee Wei Leong, Director of Lovet. 

Shu Yi Loh, the co-founder of Slickieslaces, a globally recognized brand specialising in custom shoelaces, also shared: “When we first founded the business, we knew we had to find a reliable logistics partner to create the best online shopping experience for our customers. Ninja Van has been with us right from the start, and their account management team has never disappointed us. Their hands-on and always-on approach has helped to settle the local logistics process, enabling my team to have more time to focus on building the business. Today, I’m proud to share that Slickelaces is one of the largest shoelace brands in the world, and we look forward to this continued collaboration with Ninja Van.”

*Please access this link for the infographic on the new warehouse.

Published on 28 Oct 2021
Tags: Singapore

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