Ninja Xpress Launches Ninja Biz to Help SMEs Increase Sales with Easier and Cheaper Shipping

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 15 MARCH 2023 – Ninja Xpress, a leading technology-based delivery service company in Indonesia, launches the Ninja Biz application. This launch is initiated due to the increasing number of digital platform users in Indonesia and the enthusiasm to continue helping SMEs deliver packages throughout Indonesia by providing delivery options that are easier to reach from anywhere. Now, SMEs that are active in social commerce can use Ninja Biz, the first 3PL application that can send COD packages throughout Indonesia. 

CMO of Ninja Xpress, Andi Djoewarsa, says, “Ninja Biz is to accommodate the needs of shippers who want their packages to be picked up from their homes and want to offer cash on delivery when selling goods. Through this innovative Ninja Biz service, shippers can enjoy package delivery throughout Indonesia which is easier with just one click away.” 

Shippers can download the Ninja Biz application via the Google Playstore or AppStore and then create an account to start and complete package delivery. Ninja Biz also makes it easier for shippers to track all packages more quickly through real-time information on package status and can use COD services. 

Besides making it easier to check your order history anywhere via mobile phone, Ninja Biz also allows shippers to send packages in advance and make payments later after the packages arrive (ship first, pay later). Ninja Xpress also provides additional discounts for shipping packages sent via Ninja Biz. Until March 31, 2023, Ninja Biz users can enjoy a shipping fee promo starting from IDR 2,000 by sending parcels through the application. This promotion is valid for shipments sent from Java Island to anywhere across Indonesia. receipt printing can also be done directly through the application by simply connecting the mobile phone to the printer. 

Ninja Xpress is ready to help with easy package delivery via pick-up directly to the location by first registering at Various services from regular, same day, to COD (Cash on Delivery) with exact calculations and disbursement 2 times a week are available to help MSMEs send packages to all regions in Indonesia.

Published on 15 Mar 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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