Ninja Xpress Launches DWS Technology to Improve SME’s Efficiency

The accuracy of shipping cost can be optimized with dimension weight and scanning machine (DWS) 

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 20 MARCH 2023 Ninja Xpress uses a dimension weight and scanning (DWS) machine for SMEs and shippers to ensure an easier time shipping, streamline shipping costs and get a much more precise and efficient package calculation result. So far, up to 220 DWS machines, guaranteeing not only the package’s weight accuracy but also its dimension, have been used at Ninja Xpress’ sorting centers. These centers are located in several areas of West Java, followed by Jakarta and Central Java, which are Ninja Xpress’ three biggest shipments origin throughout 2022. 

Reflecting on Suara UKM Negeri Vol 1’s report, 21% of SMEs expressed that one of the main hurdles they have to go through is the shipping cost, with weight and dimensions being the deciding factors. 

Andi Djoewarsa, Ninja Xpress’ CMO, says: “With the DWS machine calculating the package’s weight and dimension accurately and automatically, Ninja Xpress hopes to lower the difference in calculations with SMEs and shippers, thus speeding up the invoicing process, which would result in a more efficient cash flow. Ninja Xpress has added more than 200 additional DWS machines from 2021 to 2022 to better accommodate shippers’ packages from all over Indonesia, particularly on the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra.” 

The DWS machine used by Ninja Xpress can measure weight with an accuracy of up to 50 grams and dimensions with an accuracy of up to 2 cm. This machine has a capacity of up to 50 kg and a maximum dimension of 70x50x40 cm. One of the advantages of this machine is the 3D camera feature that can capture the weight, dimensions, and image of the package simultaneously, which is then sent to the database system by scanning the barcode on the package, providing authentic proof. For shipping packages with larger dimensions and weights, Ninja Xpress also provides Bulky DWS technology in more than 10 locations in DKI Jakarta, West Java, and East Java to support the measurement of larger packages with more accurate weighing. 

Jimmy Haposan, the VP of Sort, Ninja Xpress, added, “DKI Jakarta and West Java are two provinces that are the focus of Ninja Xpress’ Bulky DWS technology development, but it is highly possible to expand the provision of Bulky DWS technology to other provinces. The selection of these two locations is based on the high potential for local SME development and also the use of logistics services. With the addition of Bulky DWS machines, it is hoped that weighing and measurement can be done accurately for more than 99% of Ninja Xpress’ total packages.”

In the near future, Ninja Xpress plans to add hundreds of DWS machines at its sorting center located throughout Java: Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali, as these areas are among the five (5) largest origin areas of Ninja Xpress packages. In addition, these machines will also be placed at sorting centers in Sumatra, including Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, and Lampung, to accommodate the volume of Ninja Xpress packages in several regions of Indonesia. With this addition, Ninja Xpress hopes that more than 95% of the packages sent can be weighed and measured accurately. 

Published on 20 Mar 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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