Strengthen Commitment Ready to help shipper to Reach Its Goals” During Ramadan 

This is part of Ninja Xpress’s commitment to be ever-ready to help shippers with their business needs, Ninja Xpress Presents New Features 

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 6 APRIL 2023 – As a leading technology-based delivery service company in Indonesia, NinjaXpress continues to strive to improve service standards, especially during Ramadan. Ninja Xpress continuously introduces innovations to ensure the convenience and satisfaction of shippers/SMEs, consumers, and Ninja Xpress riders. Their innovations range from live-selling support to aid shippers in boosting sales to providing GPS ON feature that assists in delivering packages accurately. 

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr are critical periods for the e-commerce industry in Indonesia as they coincide with the Ramadan Momentum, which substantially contributes to the growth of the gross merchandise value (GMV). Based on a survey conducted by global advertising technology company, The Trade Desk, nine out of ten Indonesians intend to make purchases during Ramadan this year. This is driven by the substantial increase in public spending during this period compared to regular days. Another factor is that the Indonesian Muslim community also has a habit of intentionally saving money to be used during Ramadan. 

In line with this, Meta and YouGov surveys indicate that in Ramadan 2022, 62% of consumers intend to spend more during this period, which is a 48% increase from 2021. Four out of five survey respondents also believe that financial planning for Ramadan and Eid this year is more important than before. 

One of the additional factors that complement the rising demand for shopping during Ramadan is the availability of secure and punctual logistics delivery services to deliver the goods. Seeing this trend, Ninja Xpress provides a new feature in the Ninja Driver application called GPS ON to support the improvement of package delivery security standards by Ninja Xpress riders. 

Andi Djoewarsa, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ninja Xpress said, “Seeing the potential of e-commerce that will continue to grow, we see that the logistics service business will also continue to experience growth. For this reason, we continue to provide innovations to help the growth of e-commerce/SME/shipper. With the GPS ON feature and the “Rider Tilang” program, we hope that we can provide delivery services that reach 100% of Indonesia safely and on time.” 

The GPS ON feature is provided to maintain and improve the quality of services provided by Ninja Xpress. The GPS ON feature is a pop-up display requesting that riders activate their GPS

to track the status of the package delivery and ensure it is not delivered to the wrong address. The use of GPS ON is expected to increase the accuracy of package delivery data by Ninja Xpress riders. Meanwhile, “Rider Tilang” is a regulation applied to Ninja Xpress riders to maintain and improve security in the delivery process through several security stages. By introducing these innovations, Ninja Xpress aims to guarantee that the packages are accurately delivered to consumers on time and accurately, especially during Ramadan.

Published on 06 Apr 2023
Tags: Indonesia

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