SINGAPORE, 27 APRIL 2023 Ninja Van Singapore, a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions, celebrates its ninth anniversary today. Since its establishment in 2014, Ninja Van Singapore has rapidly expanded and grown, solidifying its position as a heavyweight in the local logistics scene. 

Apart from 100% coverage islandwide, Ninja Van Singapore now runs a suite of supply chain management solutions, including cross-border e-commerce logistics, warehousing, and distribution. 

Staying ahead of the lane 

As Ninja Van Singapore celebrates its ninth anniversary, the company is embarking on new initiatives that reinforce its commitment to innovation, growth, and talent development, with users at the heart of it.

Building atop its complete network coverage in Singapore, Ninja Van Singapore recently launched its new one-off parcel delivery service, where no minimum parcels is required. From sending one-off parcel for gifting to making online shopping returns, shippers and shoppers can now enjoy hassle-free delivery service to meet their shipping needs in just a few clicks. The new service is now available on NinjaChat via Facebook Messenger and Telegram. 

Ninja Van Singapore has partnered with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to launch the school’s first-ever e-commerce elective aimed at developing talent and promoting e-commerce education. The elective, titled “Fundamentals of E-commerce“, provides students with knowledge and skills to enable them to launch their e-commerce careers. The curriculum includes topics on the current e-commerce ecosystems, social commerce, and live commerce and features actual commerce sellers as guest speakers to offer these students a perspective of live selling. 

Drivers and sorters are the greatest assets of a logistics company. This belief drives the partnership of Ninja Van Singapore with Arclab, a learning and development platform, to create e-learning modules for drivers and sorters. The platform provides bite-sized modules that allow drivers to continue learning anywhere, anytime, and keep track of their progress. These modules cover topics such as safety training, soft skills, and technical skills essential to drivers, allowing them to improve their knowledge and skills while on the job. 

Leveraging technology to empower logistics 

Since the beginning, Ninja Van Singapore’s commitment to prioritising its users is reflected in its continuous investment in technology. These proprietary logistics platforms aim to optimise operations for shippers and enhance the overall delivery experience for shoppers. 

NinjaChat, a social messaging-based platform with live-chat functionality, is one of these user-centered platforms. Shoppers can track their delivery, raise requests, and resolve issues with Ninja Van Singapore via shoppers’ preferred social messaging app. 

Earlier this year, Ninja Van organised the Ninja Van Code Dojo, its annual 24-hour hackathon. The event provided participants with an opportunity to develop innovative solutions to real-life logistical challenges in Southeast Asia. With the support of Huawei Cloud and Google Cloud, the hackathon exemplified Ninja Van’s commitment not only to leveraging technology to empower logistics but also to cultivating tech talent. 

Supporting e-commerce businesses with hassle-free solutions beyond logistics 

best-in-class service for shippers and shoppers alike, Ninja Van Singapore launched its largest automated hub in Yio Chu Kang in 2021. The  hub – spanning 80,000 square feet, is customised with automated sorting belts with a sorting accuracy of up to 99.9% to speed up the sorting process and ensure safer handling of parcels. 

Being there from the start of e-commerce gave Ninja Van a front seat to Southeast Asia’s e-commerce evolution. This unique position, enhanced with the well-rounded servicing of close to two million shippers in Southeast Asia across the past 12 months, facilitated Ninja Van’s understanding of the needs and challenges faced by e-commerce shippers. 

This empowered Ninja Van to roll out value-added services to supercharge its shippers’ business growth beyond logistics. 

These services include the newly launched PR-as-a-Service and exclusive masterclasses where various experts are invited to impart business tips and tricks to shippers. All of these services are available on Ninja Rewards, a loyalty programme for shippers to earn points and to redeem attractive rewards as well as exclusive services. 

Driving positive changes to make Singapore a better place 

The philosophy of a user-first approach leads Ninja Van Singapore to embark on several government partnerships. 

One of which is with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as part of SCDF’s AED-on-Wheels programme to equip vehicles on the move with Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This facilitates the quick delivery of an AED to a cardiac arrest victim, thereby increasing the victim’s chances of survival. Ninja Van Singapore was the first courier company to join the programme with 50 Ninja Van delivery vehicles equipped with AEDs, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Trainings were also conducted by SCDF to these drivers on how to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), apply first aid, use a fire extinguisher and an AED. 

Ninja Van Singapore is also championing the Cash-On-Delivery (COD) scam education. The company has collaborated with non-profit organisations like Aidha and government partners like Singapore Police Force (SPF) to develop and distribute educational materials to actively raise awareness of such scams. 

Sustainability has always been part of Ninja Van Singapore’s long-term goals as it continues exploring ways to better measure and manage its environmental impact. In 2022, the company announced its sustainability efforts with two green initiatives

● A pilot trial of electric vehicles (EV), where 10 EVs were added to its fleet as part of its partnership with the leading commercial vehicle leasing company, Goldbell Leasing. Ninja Van Singapore is also the first adopter of Goldbell’s newly launched Foton iBlue electric vans. 

● Launched its second version of Eco Ninja Packs. Ninja Van was the first in the logistics industry to pioneer an eco-friendly version of a pre-paid poly mailer in Singapore. These Eco Ninja Packs are biodegradable and do not release toxins during the incineration process. 

*Please access this link for Ninja Van Singapore’s milestone infographic, detailing the company’s key milestones. 

Published on 27 Apr 2023
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